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VH1’s “I Love Christopher Monks’s Labor Day Weekend 1986” by the eponymous idle thinker, Mr. C. Monks.

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Memorable Quotes from the Motion Picture Kuffs (1992)

[George talking to a suicidal jumper.]
George Kuffs: Hey, asshole! Yes, you. Look, if you're gonna jump, jump. Otherwise, use the bridge like everyone else. You're screwin' up traffic down there.

George Kuffs: Women. If it weren't for them, there'd be no civilization.

George Kuffs: I got women to do, places to see!

[At the Police Academy]
George Kuffs: Why are we doing so much running? Aren't we all going to be in cars?

George Kuffs: George Kuffs: of bullets.
Gun Salesman: God bless you, young man.
George Kuffs: [to the camera] I always wanted a gun . . .
Gun Salesman: Is this what you had in mind? It's a 9mm Beretta. 15 in the clip, one in the pipe.
George Kuffs: Got one that holds more?
Gun Salesman: No.
George Kuffs: I'll take two.

[During a gunfight.]
George Kuffs: How do you load one of these things?

Ted Bukovsky: Next time shit before you sign in. Shit! Sign in! In the car!
George Kuffs: Am I gonna be tested on this later?

Ted Bukovsky: Now, if I'm gonna be killed on the job, it's gonna be by a fucking bullet, not a fucking bus. Now turn this fucking car around and let's get back on your fucking patrol.
George Kuffs: You may have a limited vocabulary, Ted.
Ted Bukovsky: Fuck you!

George Kuffs: What can they possibly see in a man who dresses that badly???

Mrs. Carlton: Is he . . . dead?
George Kuffs: God, I hope so.

[Entering Kuffs's bullet-riddled apartment]
Maya: What happened here?
George Kuffs: Termites.

[To florist filling out a card]
George Kuffs: Dear Maya, I'm sorry about the other night. Love and kisses to all your pink parts. --George

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