Weinman, Jaime J.

Jaime J. Weinman

E-mail to G-d

by Nick Jezarian

From: Nick Jezarian [mailto:nick@yankeepotroast.org] To: god@ Cc: peter@, paul@, jesus@, mary@ Subject: Some questions Date: Monday, March 03, 2003 1:01:19 PM Dear G-d, Before I get fully immersed in the purpose of this letter, I’d like to start by saying…

Tequiza Makes Me Tequeasy

by Nick Jezarian

Boston. Ollie the Barber sits on a barber’s chair and looks out his storefront window. Beside him is his assistant (and sole employee), a one-armed, one-eyed, 300-pound midget named Slim. They have been without customers all day. The two barbers…

A Good Piece of ‘S’

by Sally Reardon

“Sally, you’re silly,” Sully said softly. “Sully, I’m not trying to be silly,” said Sally sullenly. “So don’t sully my name.” “Sorry, Sally. I don’t want to say something sordid that would stop you from saying something sweet to me,”…

Polish Fact

Daily Newspapers:
Gazeta Wyborcza
Super Express
Nasz Dziennik

Weekly Magazines:
Wprost (rightwing)
Polityka (leftwing)
Newsweek (Polish edition)
Najwyższy Czas! (rightwing)
Przegląd (leftwing)

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

¿Habla Español?
¡Choque y temor! ¡Misión lograda! ¿Qué guerra?
Shock and awe! Mission accomplished! What war?

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Robillard, G. Xavier

G. Xavier Robillard lives with his family in Oregon. For a living, he programs man-eating robots. His work has appeared in a variety of journals, both in print and online. His lifelong goal is to collect every color of guayabera. You can see more of his work at All Day Coffee.

Extreme Vacations for Wordsmiths

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