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Hey, remember The Fourth of July, 2003? We don't, but found this in our archives:

Fourth of July Fourthiness.

Independence is on the march, patriots.

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Monday, May 5, 2003   |    Fiction
Cinco de Flag

¡Don’t Want No Mexican Radio!

[ Courtesy WMXÓ, El golpe de Ciudad de México:
{The Beat of Mexico City}: ]

“En la Club” by 50 Centavo

“Está Consiguiendo Caliente Adentro Aqquí.” by El Nelly

“Su Cuerpo Es un País de las Maravillas” by Juan Mayer

“Bonita” by Christina Aguilera

“Todas las Cosas Que Ella Dijo” by t.A.T.ú.

“Complicado” by Abril Lavigne

“El Centro” by Himmy Come el Mundo

“Golpéeme, Bebé, Una Más Vez” by Britney Espears

“Me Llamo Slim Shady” by Em y Em

“Jenny del Bloque” by H. Lo

“El Zephyr” by Los Pimientas Candentes Del Chile