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Thursday, May 8, 2003   |    Poetry & Lyric

It’s All about the Sacagaweas

lyrics by the Injunz

Aw yeah, aw yeah
Yo yo yo whassup
Where my squaws at?

East Coast in the wigwam!

Listen up, white devils, I’m tha dopest brave
What your people call “corn,” I call “maize”

You live in a crib, I call it a teepee
Everybody comes to my after-hour powwow just to see me
My teepee’s mad fly but not two-ply
Smoke ‘em them peace pipe and we get high

Chill with yo cell phones, I got my smoke signals
To call my peeps, my brothas, my Injunz
Pocahontas with that hot ass
Sacagawea’s good in the sack
Crazy Horse, Tonto, Geronimoooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Word to my Cherokeez
My Mohawkz, my Apachez
Word to my Navapimp and my Navajo
I use all parts o’ tha buffalo

Break it down now

I got my high-top mocassins
My menthol peace pipe
My phat horn o’ plenty
My shiny new tomahawk
I make mad loot and buy all these dope things
I traded Manhattan for 24 bucks o’ bling-bling

Peace out