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Hey, remember The Fourth of July, 2003? We don't, but found this in our archives:

Fourth of July Fourthiness.

Independence is on the march, patriots.

& Recently . . .

Kurt Cobain's Ghost with an Invitation to a Fourth of July Picnic and Fireworks by Angela Genusa

"B.L.T.": A Review by Will Layman

Ten Tiny Poems by Brian Beatty

Angry Words from a Gnome Who to This Day Continues to Think the Human Genome Project Was Actually The Human Gnome Project by David Ng

Key Party, N.Y.C., Circa Always by William K. Burnette

A Day on the Phone with Mythological Norse Firewarrior, Bringer of Storms by Aaron Belz

Polish Fact

Gross Domestic Product:
$373.2 billion (2002 est.)

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Golpéeme, bebé, una más vez.
Hit me, baby, one more time.

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Monday, July 21, 2003   |    Listicles

Upcoming Titles from Y.P.R. Books: Travel

Don’t Drink the Water: A Guide to Everywhere Outside the United States

England for Just Under $180 A Day

Italy from Heel to Toe
(Get it? It looks Like a Boot!)

I Left My Heart in Saudi Arabia, Along with My Hands When I Forgot to Pay for a Piece of Fruit

We Speak Dutch in Holland a.k.a. the Netherlands.
Confused? Drink This Magic Tea!

Cheap Jokes about France

The Don’t Go to Africa Series:
Stay Away from Cameroon

Le’ts Go Back Home!

Beer and Dry Heat:
I Flew 32 Hours for Australia?

Kevin Brennan’s Guide to Locust St., Manchester, N.H.

Oktoberfest, Carnivale, Running of the Bulls, and 25 Other Places to Get Shit-Faced

Dinner at 4 and Bedtime at 7:
A Local’s Guide to Palm Beach

Tobago: Trinidad’s Little Bitch

The Idiot’s Guide to Places Michener Wrote About

You Can’t Get American-Style Chinese Food in China, Just Gross Things that Smell Funky

How Many Countries Named Guinea Are There?

What’s Up with Burkina Faso, Anyway?

You Want To Swim Where?

Vacation Destinations by The National Association of Catholic Missionaries

Namibia Fever!

Jose Melendez’s Insider’s Tour of Oaxaca

Laos Go Laos!

Bangkok: It’s Not Just Dirty Hookers and Seedy Underbelly Anymore!

Spain’s Ugly, Retarded Cousin

Dude, Where’s My Passport?: Lost in the Dark Continent

Not All Estonian Women Have Beards

Don’t Balk at the Balkans!

Where I Love To Go and Why My Mother Says I Shouldn’t Go There

Rio de Jeneiro: Hot Topless Babes 2 Hot 4 TV!

17 Ways to Take Advantage of a Norwegian

Thailand: Try Not to Get Arrested Here, ‘Cause It’s Really a Lot Worse Than Those Movies

Pygmys, Watusi, and Other Tribes Your Shouldn’t Provoke

S.A.R.S. on the Road: China, Taiwan, and Toronto

Cape Horn-y: Gettin’ It On in South Africa

Fiji: We’re Not Sure Where It Is But It’s Really Hot Here

Hey, That’s My Fez: Morrocco!

Did Somebody Say “Suriname”?

Gee, Your State Smells Terrific: New Jersey

Nepal: Sherpa THIS!

Zimbabwe. Try To Say It Without Laughing. Go On. Try.

Botwana Girl Wants!

Qatar: Now It’s “Cutter”

Georgia. No, Not the State. The Breakaway Soviet Republic Constantly on the Verge of Civil War. Yes. Come Here. It’s Not as Cold as You Think.