Does the Appropriation by Target of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" Disquiet You?

Your Disquieting Modern Trendsetters request the pleasure of your commentary. Is Target's recent "Baby Got Back (Pack)" advertisement a modern trend that sparks disquitude? Please drop Messers Layman and Osmond an e-mail.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003   |    Listicles

Possible Names for My Rock Band

Goes to Bollywood
Johnny Clash
Men without Work
Retro Johnny and the Kitschy References
Kick Ass, Falco
The Mama’s Boys
Wheezin’ Jesus and the Asthmatics
Holy Inhaler: a Tribute to Wheezin’ Jesus and the Asthmatics
Carol Burnett and the Vicki Lawrences
Warning: Contains Glüten
Diamonds in the Muff.
“Marvelous” Marvin Hagler’s All-Star Band
Lil’ Obi-Wan
Eggplant Rollitini
The Something Somethings (feat. Someone Else)
Keri Russell’s Phantastic Phunkadelic Experience
Arrogant Bastards
Three Guys with No Musical Talent but the Right Look Who Are Destined to Make It Big
Shrinky Dink and the Peeled Off Rubik’s Cube Stickers
Hey, That’s My Lite Brite!
Angry Thorax
Ponzu Sauce
Ponzi Scheme
Thorassic Park
Bitchin’ Summer
Sean John and the P-Diddy Puff Daddys.
Beuetlgeuse, Beuetlgeuse, Beuetlgeuse
24/7 on MTV’s TRL
Sierra Misty
The Paw Print on Eve’s Left Tit
The Harvard Wallbangers
The Wandering Jujubes
Habeus Corpus and the Ipso Factos
Pronoun and the Verbing Nouns
Aimee Mann’s Earth Band
The Jimi Schmendrix Experience
Jimmy Eat Soy-Milk Pudding
Fuck the Cows
The Band That Will Never Produce a Hit Single Because They Are Plagued by Crippling Self-Doubt
Florida Evans Jazz Quartet