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Hey, remember The Fourth of July, 2003? We don't, but found this in our archives:

Fourth of July Fourthiness.

Independence is on the march, patriots.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003   |    Dear Y.P.R.

Happy Birthday, Senator Kefauver

Dear Y.P.R.,

Can I call you Y.P.R.? I would have written, but I'm too poor to buy a stamp. Besides, being a Web site, electronic mail seems more appropriate. But I digress.

Y.P.R., in a way we grew up together. I know your humor, I know your beauty, I have seen the potential you don't live up to and I love you for it. But, I have a bone to pick with you. Everyday like the loyal fan I am, or possibly because I am the sister of you fraternity brothers three, I come for a visit and read the gospel. I laugh. I cry. I feel a flutter. Then I click to read today's birthday card. And while the link might say "Happy Birthday to Estes Kefauver" what pops up is "Dear Mariah" or some other celebrity whose birthday was six months ago. This makes me sad. Is this a glitch, Y.P.R., or some twisted joke? Help me out.

My best to the wife and kids,
Andrea Wolinetz