Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The English “Roses” by Madonna

The Maladroit Vicar & the Impenetrable Bodice

I’ve Got the Hots for Lorraine

Who Wants to Fuck a Millionaire? You Gold-Diggin’ Whore.

Yo Deseo Entrer Sus Pantalones

Well-Hung Jewish Men (a Novella)

Sex Me Up, Sex Me Down

Amish Passion

How to Be a Sexy Old Bag by K. Cattrall

I’m Going Upstairs to Fuck Your Grandma and Other Really, Really Creepy Stories

The Hole in the Bucket, and Other Inventive Names for the Vagina

God Can See You Touching Yourself

I Like It When You Press Your Thumb against My Navel … : A Guide to Unconventional Erogenous Zones

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Photographic Guide to Blunt Objects and the Rectum

Naked Pictures of Famous People with Hats and Dogs

You and Me and Your Sisters Make Four

Go NADS!: An In-Depth Look at Your Respective Private Parts

Transexual Healing by Marvin Gay


Ankle Biters Are People Too

Dude Looks Like a Lady, for Real, Yo

Your Mom Is Hot

Swim, Swim, Swim Little Spippy: How Daddy’s Sperm Gets into Mommy’s Ovaries to Make You a Baby Brother or Sister

How Poppa’s Jizz and Mamma’s Pachooch Makes Another Mouth to Feed

Horny and Hungry: Why Jell-O Really Is the Perfect Food

One Drunken Night … : The Girls of Smith College Tell All

More Horny and Hungry: Jell-O in the Kitchen, Jell-O in the Bedroom

Horny and Hungry 3: Jell-O in the Park

Pamela and Tommy Lee’s Adventures with a Polaroid That they Claim the Kid at the Photomat Lost: a Photojournal

7th Floor of the College Library in the Biochemistry Section

We’re Gonna Get Freaky by William F. Buckley Jr.

“Wow, Judge Judy Is Hot” and Other Things I Wish I Hadn’t Said out Loud

Sex and Sexability by Jane Austen

The “English” Roses by Madonna

Hung Like A …

Tit-Fuck Frenzy: the Novel that Inspired the Film

Humpbacks, Sperm Whales, Bottle-nosed Dolphins: Aquatic Beasts with Head Holes

Happy Birthday, Sir Roger Moore! Dear Rog, Happy 76th Birthday! You know, you share a name with a skinny black kid on an American television program called, "What's Happening!!" That Rog also had a sarcastic sister named Dee, a chubby friend nicknamed "Rerun," and another...
A Slice of Heaven We all know that God is all-powerful, all-mighty, all-knowing and all-seeing. But there are a few things that we don’t know about God. Take this trip to Heaven with me and meet the man behind the Bible. Though God technically...
Terms of Endearment Nicknames I Have for My Girlfriend’s Cha-Cha Ruth Dolores Vera Bessie Gina Enid Gladys Pilar Delicious Mushpuff Mary-Ann Ann-Marie Indira Fred Gwendolyn Hoobastank Imelda Basement Jaxx Cheech Chong Sweet & Lowdown Nicknames My Girlfriend Has for My Manhood Roger...

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