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Tighter Abs in Six Weeks

by Ellen Meister

Use the Ab Cruncher 3000 Three Times a Week and See a Whole New You! Week 1, Day 1 My Ab Cruncher 3000 came today. Sandy says you’re supposed to keep a diary and write down exactly how many…

Who’s the Pop Diva Queen Now, Bitch?

by Christina Aguilera*

Hey, whassup whassup, everybody! Xtina here and I want y’all to meet somebody special. This is Raul and ~ he is beau-ti-ful, no matter what they say … ~ He’s a dishwasher I met last night when I…

The Ten Most World-Famous Belgians in the World

by kevin o cuinn

Can I name 10 world-famous Belgians? Not including tennis players? Are you serious? Belgians!?! You do mean Belgians, as in ‘citizens of Belgium,’ n’est ce pas? Oui? Pas de problem, dude. Sure I know where it’s at. It’s in Europe…

Polish Fact

Military Manpower:
10,354,978 (2003 est.)
[Army, Navy(!), & Air Force]

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Learn Many Languages!
Meat-stuffed pasta pocket:
Ravioli (Italian)
Wonton (Cantonese)
Kreplach (Yiddish)
Pierogi (Polish)
Pelmeni (Russian)

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Monday, January 12, 2004   |    Birthday Cards to Celebrities

Melanie Chisholm

January 12, 1974 | Melanie Chisholm | sporty spice

Dear Mel,

You’re looking more and more mannish every day. I bet you pee standing up.

I hate you,
Geri Halliwell
a.k.a. Ginger

P.S. You still owe me forty-six dollars. Don’t think I forgot.