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Wednesday, March 31, 2004   |    Listicles

Some Good Possible Names for an Emo Band, Inspired by the 1986 Motion Picture Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Save Ferris

Voodoo Economics


the Isms

Let My Cameron Go

the Sausage Kings of Chicago

9 Times

Fry Cook on Venus


the Fascist Anarchists

Clammy Hands

He’ll Keep Callin’ Me

Greasy Garage-Attendant Joyride

Smashing Ferraris

Trophy on a Wire

Charlie Sheen Cameo

Yell Rat

Headache Fever and a Chill

4000 Restaurants in the Downtown Area

Waistoids & Dweebies

Kiss for Daddy

Jennifer Grey’s Old Nose

Scorching Case of Herpes

Never Had One Lesson

the Mia Saras

Coughlin Bros. Mortuary

Passing Out at 31 Flavors

Soundtrack by Yello


1 Y.P.R. is buffaloed: Both the Bible and God came up bupkes on verifying the correct spelling of the name Jeanie tells Charlie Sheen: Shauna? Shana? Shanna? Rhonda? Y.P.R. will buy an imported beer for whomever can provide confirmation.