Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Hexadecimal Shades of Green

#009900 Hunter
#339900 Jade
#33cc00 Kelly
#339933 Emerald
#66ff33 Lime
#99ff99 Sea
#99cc00 Pea
#99ff00 Chartreuse
#663300 Mean Joe

* * *

Vital Stats for Kathy Ireland

Height: 5’ 11” (1.80 m)
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Shoe size: 8
Role in National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1: Miss Destiny Demeanor

* * * Users’ Comments for the 1993 Motion Picture Leprechaun

dmc102: What a fantastic movie!

I watched this movie originally because it was supposed to be one of those “so bad its good” flicks, but when I saw it, it kicked ass! The story was clever and interesting, it never got boring and it had a good start, middle and end. Why do critics put this down so much? Its the most fun movie I’ve seen in ages! Bring on the sequels (could anyone tell me if they are any good?)

* * *

DMelli2: I thought 2 was better than this, 3 was okay, 4 was horrible, 5 I thought was good, everyone else thought was horrible and 6 was horrible. BTW, just in case you were wondering what my opinion on this one is, I thought it was kinda bad.
I thought 2 was the best.

* * *

DarkSchumyFan: What a classic this movie is. It’s really pathetic seeing hard-@$$ “film buffs” rip on Leprechaun for having a stupid plot and not being scary at all, and seeing this film in the bottom 100 only makes me love it even more.

While the sequels may(or may not) have been better, none of them can match this film for the sheer amount of “moments” it has. The Leprechaun antics that just split your sides. So many to choose from.

Whether it’s the Leprechaun driving the toy truck, on a tricycle, riding a skateboard, or taking 90degree turns at 100mph in a wheelchair.

My personal favorite though is when the Leperchaun teleports to the back of Tori’s jeep, lets go, can’t even stand up straight(“Whooaaa”) crashes into a fence. Then he gets up and skates off as if he’s been skating profesionally for about 20 years. A close second is the Leprechaun rolling that pickup with a pitchfork on a go cart.

* * *

Adam mar: I can’t believe many people hated this movie. I mean, it was funny and not scary, but not stupid. People should give movies a chance just like food.

* * *

Dudical: I never knew this movie was a horror.. I’ve always thought of it as a comedy/family film, and I love it. Warwick Davis is awesome, and the replay value of this movie is extremly high. Also, Jennifer Aniston’s bluejeaned ass really is nice… though I never noticed it until I watched this as an adult.

The Passion of the Führer Critics are up in arms over Mel Gibson's next film, declaring that the director's anti-Semitic bias fuels his German-language epic, The Passion of the Führer. Gibson maintains that his picture, chronicling the last 12 hours in the life of the...
Sem Ordnilap Ytir Belec: Celebrity Palindromes “Lisa Bonet ate no basil.” — Lenny Kravitz, summing up their last lunch date.

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