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A Very Short Roast

by Jessica Coen

In a remarkably short period of time, Choire has ruined my life in multitudinous ways, most of which I’m contractually obligated to keep quiet about, so I’ll be brief. Aside from ripping me from the clutches of a well-adjusted life…

Choire Sicha, Literary Critic

by Andrew Krucoff

My Site Meter’s Best Friend

by Brian Sack.

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Literary Mockery
Monday, August 23, 2004   |    Media Gadflies

The Choire Sicha Roast

In which Y.P.R. hosts a communal Roast of the erstwhile Gawker editor. Roasters hail from throughout the blogosphere.

What Is This? Who Is Choire Sicha, & Why Is He Being Roasted?

Choire Sicha is a journalist and gadfly in New York City.

He famously calls The New York Observer and The Morning News home, but Mr. Sicha is, of course, best known as the bitchy editor of the New York-centric, media-enthusiastic voyeurs’ Web log, Gawker, a point which he takes great pains to avoid mentioning in print. Recently, he retired from the blogospheric forefront to become “editorial director” for Gawker Media, which sounds like a cushy no-show job if ever there was one. Among his scattershot journalism, he is a book reviewer for the New York Post and Times, where he snarkily deconstructs the chickiest chick-lit on the shelves.

Anyway, in the spirit of He Who Dishes It Should Be Able To Take It As Well, Yankee Pot Roast cheerfully administers a well deserved Roasting.

The Choire Sicha Roast

“I Fucked Choire”

Lord of the Blogs

Choire Sicha Is Not Who You Think He Is by Claire Zulkey

A Very Short Roast by Jessica Coen

Choire Sicha, Literary Critic by Andrew Krucoff

My Site Meter’s Best Friend by Brian Sack.

Choire Destroyed My Art Career by Joy Garnett