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Thursday, June 30, 2005   |    Letter from the Editors

Attn: N.Y.C.-Area Actors

There's a casting call with your name on it. Plus: the chance to be directed by your humble Y.P.R. coëditor, Josh Abraham.

Details via Backstage magazine reproduced here, but please do check out preliminary information and eventual updates at In the Can's Web site, which is still under construction.

SLM Production Group, L.L.C., is casting for a full-length feature film in the style of Swingers, Singles, 200 Cigarettes, and Clerks. Financing is still being put in place and principal photography will likely commence in November in NYC. It is a bawdy tale of 20-somethings and how they cheat, steal, and push each other through a day in N.Y.C., all to end up at the biggest party of the year. Seth Melnick, prod.; Josh Abraham, dir.

Seeking experienced actors only and will look at both union and nonunion performers. Seeking true-to-life New Yorker types-- White-collar, Blue-collar and Downtown-trendy males and females, all races, 20-35; Creepy CEOs, male, 40-50; Funky-looking Female: 20-22, piercings, tattoos; Hippie Female: 25-30; Asian Female, 25-30; and Goofily Dancing, Oddball Male, 25-35. Visit website www.slmproduction.com/inthecan for more on the project and breakdowns. Some roles require brief partial nudity.

Send pix & résumés to SLM Production Group, LLC, c/o Seth Melnick, 340 E. 93 St., #3G, NYC 10128. All actors will be paid in the form of a stipend, union rates, or profit sharing points, depending on the size of the role. Videocopy, credit, meals, and transportation provided. Producer plans to apply for SAG Ultra Low Budget Film Agreement. (First posted 6/30/05)