Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Mr. Mathers swears
Eminem: I’m kinda pissed.

Receptionist: Yes, sir. How can I assist?

Eminem: Wanna see what I do when I run out of pills?
My head gets fucked up and it’s making me ill
I’ll have to stay up, cuz, shit, I can’t get no sleep
Where’s my momma, huh? Cuz my sheets are in a heap.

Receptionist: I’m sorry, Mr. Mathers
From this I gather
You’ve dialed my number
because you cannot slumber?

Eminem: Hey, bitch, you gotta get me summat to pop
I smoked shit loads but I need tabs to drop
And no Pammy Anderson is gonna help me to the land of nod
Don’t you run your mouth, what kinda place is, this? God!

Receptionist: This is not a pharmacy, Mr. Eminem
Unless you want something feminine
I can provide tampons or pads
Or nappies for incontinent dads

Eminem: I’ll bust your lip if I don’t get something to make me weary
Take your best shot, you don’t wanna get me mad and teary
I’d kill my momma cuz I need something to make me nap
I’m so on edge I can’t think up no more of this rap

Receptionist: We are not here to make you soporific
Though I thought your last CD terrific
I can’t assist you in your need to doze
Maybe you should try harder to compose

Eminem: Only way I know is to get me 40 winks
Go get me a script, you got Ambien methinks
Put yourself in my shoes, I saw it in your brochure
Get off your skinny ass, I ain’t a faggot or kosher

Receptionist: I think you mean ambience
Just a minute and I’ll call an ambulance
Agitation, insomnia, and amnesia
Just because we couldn’t please ya

Eminem: Come on, bitch, I got platinum outta my cooze
but gimme reds, yellowjackets, give me fucking blues
I got a trigger on your pussy so gimme Tuinal,
Gimme Halcion, gimme Mogadon, it ain’t your funeral

Receptionist: Drink your milk and you will drowse
Hug your teddy, you big girl’s blouse
If you want I’ll tuck you up
And maybe that will shut you up

Eminem: If you don’t want a lawsuit, help me be a somnambulist
Forget it, no pills, and no booze, I’ll have one off the wrist
Sorry I pissed you off, thanks for all your trouble
Now, can I picture Britney Spears or maybe Betty Rubble?

Receptionist: Not at all, it’s been my pleasure
Anything else, I am at your leisure
But to stop my housemaids having issues
May I suggest you use some tissues

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