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Pay the Rent: A Solo Play Exploring Gender Politics

by Russell Bradbury-Carlin

The Scene: None, except for one prop—a single piece of paper folded into an accordion.
Enter Actor. Picks up piece of paper, holds it in the middle, and places it under his nose—a moustache. He is now the Evil Landlord.
Evil Landlord: You must pay the rent!…

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Polish Language
Total speakers: 50 million
Genetic classification: Indo-European -> Balto-Slavic -> Slavic -> West Slavic -> Lechitic -> Polish
Regulated by: The Polish Language Council

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Friday, September 16, 2005   |    The Methicist

Dealing with Dealers

I live in a gentrifying neighborhood. Someone on the block is dealing drugs that, I recently learned, are less benign than I’d assumed; he’s dealing crystal meth. I believe that the drug laws are overly punitive, and I’ve never had a problem with the dealer. But I would like to see the block cleaned up and the drug traffic gone. What’s the morality of narcking on the neighbors?
Anonymous, Brooklyn

So … where in Brooklyn exactly? I hear Red Hook is gentrifying these days (“Cobble Hill West” my arse). Is it Red Hook? Whereabouts? That shady bricked-up brownstone on Van Brunt?