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The Trials and Tribluation of Doug Clifton, Ghost Whisperer

by Christopher Monks.

The Setting: A movie theater, at a screening of The Man starring Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy

Teen Ghost #1: Oh snap! Dude just peed in the pool!
Teen Ghost #2: This movie is hilarious, bro!
Doug Clifton, Ghost Whisperer [whispering]: Shhhhhhhh!

Funniest E-Mail of the Century

by Nick Jezarian

Bahahahaha! Oh man, it hurts. This was a real doozy. I subscribe to some advertising and media industry newsletters and one just came in today that had a poll asking which show would be the season’s biggest hit. Among the…

Tonight … and Beyond!

by Savannah Schroll

From: redevildog@yahoo.com To: angel_eyes1257@aol.com Subject: Tonight … and beyond! Dear Angela (such an appropriate name! Like the angels!) I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time tonight, and I hope that you would like…

Polish Fact

Signifcant Polish Populations
Australia: 200,000 (est.)
Argentina: 350,000 (est.)
Belarus: 400,000 (est.)
Brazil: 800,000 (est.)
Canada: 850,000 (est.)
Germany: 200,000 (est.)
Lithuania: 250,000 (est.)
Russia: 100,000 (est.)
U.K.: 220,000 (est.)
Ukraine: 150,000 (est.)
U.S.A.: 8,900,000 (includes non-primary ancestry) (est.)
Poland: 36,983,720 (2002)

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Learn German!
Gute Himmel, haben Sie einen reizenden Busen. Mag ich ihn berühren?
Good heavens, you have a lovely bosom. May I touch it?

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Friday, September 23, 2005   |    Daily Garfield® Digest

Perhaps the Other End Is a Garfield Phone

Jon sets a milestone: 200 rings on the other end of an unanswered phone.