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Kanye West’s Cronyism

by Nick Jezarian

If I were to become president, I can guarantee you, I wouldn’t hate black people. Oh hell no. The Whitey Billionaire’s Club though would be different story. He’d have another thing comin’, a niner to his smartass mouth. That’s right….

Polish Fact

A Polish Glimpse of Earth
Anglia -- England
Szkocja -- Scotland
Walia -- Wales
Irlandia -- Ireland
Wielka Brytania -- Great Britain
Zjednoczone Królestwo - United Kingdom
Niemcy -- Germany
Japonia -- Japan
Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki - The United States of America
Francja -- France
Hiszpania -- Spain
Wenezuela -- Venezuela

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Learn Yiddish!
Der Tog nokh der Morgn.
The Day after Tomorrow.

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Sunday, October 2, 2005   |    Daily Garfield® Digest

This One Really Sucks

Jon is chillin’ in the backyard’s inflatable pool, sipping from a glass of ice water. Garfield, perspiring, sucks so hard on the drinking straw of Jon’s beverage that the poolwater is sucked up through Jon’s pores and, somehow, into the glass, through the straw, and down Garfield’s throat. Forget the violent disregard for physical possibility here—most illogical is the summery content of a strip dated October 2nd.