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Abre los Ojos

“Open Your Eyes” by the Lords of the New Church, from the album Lords of the New Church. Third week of July, 1982. Yes. This song is awesome. It’s industrial-dance goth rock that’s “political” without any real political comment. All…

Rejected Pitches for NBC’s Three Wishes: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Division

by Brendan Procé

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Polish Fact

Polish Language
Total speakers: 50 million
Genetic classification: Indo-European -> Balto-Slavic -> Slavic -> West Slavic -> Lechitic -> Polish
Regulated by: The Polish Language Council

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Impari L'Italiano
Wham, bam, grazie, signora.
Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.

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Bringing You the Best New Music of 1982

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