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Your humble coëditor, Geoff Wolinetz, will be reading with Dennis DiClaudio at the Me Three Oscar Bash this Sunday, March 5 at 7 p.m. It will take place at Croxley’s Ale House at 28 Avenue B in Manhattan. If you…

Polish Fact

Polish Government in Exile
Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski (September 1939)
Władysław Raczkiewicz (1939 - 1947)
August Zaleski (1947 - 1972)
Stanisław Ostrowski (1972 - 1979)
Edward Raczyński (1979 - 1986)
Kazimierz Sabbat (1986 - 1989)
Ryszard Kaczorowski (1989 - 1990)

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Was ist im Leben am besten? Ihre Feinde zerquetschen, sie sehen, gefahren vor Ihnen und die Wehklage der Frauen hören!
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

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Literary Buncombe
Sunday, March 5, 2006   |    New & Noteworthy

Make That “Borrow”

Other Overwrought Acceptance Speeches” by Teddy Wayne

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” by Zev Borow, The New York Times, Sunday, March 5, 2006 …

Anyway, more Academy Award related stuff:

Acceptance Speech” by Michael J. Ewing
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