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Rock, Paper, Scissors Redux

by Michael Rottman

A – Paper B – Rock Paper prepares to slide itself over rock, obscuring it with its Zen whiteness. Paper teases. Should paper roll on top of rock slowly? Should it flutter down from heaven? Should it wrap rock? Paper…

Polish Fact

The 16 Voivodships (województwa)
Greater Poland Voivodship (Wielkopolskie),
Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship (Kujawsko-Pomorskie),
Lesser Poland Voivodship (Ma³opolskie),
Lodz Voivodship (£ódzkie),
Lower Silesian Voivodship (Dolnoœl¹skie),
Lublin Voivodship (Lubelskie),
Lubusz Voivodship (Lubuskie),
Masovian Voivodship (Mazowieckie),
Opole Voivodship (Opolskie),
Subcarpathian Voivodship (Podkarpackie),
Podlasie Voivodship (Podlaskie),
Pomeranian Voivodship (Pomorskie),
Swietokrzyskie Voivodship (Œwiêtokrzyskie),
Silesian Voivodship (Œl¹skie),
Warmian-Masurian Voivodship (Warmiñsko-Mazurskie),
West Pomeranian Voivodship (Zachodniopomorskie)

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Was ist im Leben am besten? Ihre Feinde zerquetschen, sie sehen, gefahren vor Ihnen und die Wehklage der Frauen hören!
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

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Monday, May 1, 2006   |    New & Noteworthy

Street Meats, It’s the Meats of the Streets


O.K., the cat is out of the bag: 2/3 of the Y.P.R. squadron are actually rabid New York sports fans. The third doesn’t know a football from a knish. For those of our followers that loathe professional sports, we’re sorry to disappoint you with our love of bastardized and overcommercialized kids’ games that grown men and women get paid millions of dollars to play and insult our intelligence every chance they get. For those of you who love New York sports though, do we have something for you!

Come check out the newest from the creators of Yankee Pot Roast., All Sports, All New York.