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Poets’ Ghosts at Giants Games

by George Motisher

William Shakespeare: Sonnet DCCXV Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thy staff’s not shadowed with such temperance, And rough waves splash when balls land in the bay. The summer’s tantrum heat, is it perchance The Eye of Heaven,…

Wittgenstein: the Crank Calls

by Michael Fowler

Forthcoming Novels Titled With The White Hot Suffix “-ist”

by Roderick Maclean

Polish Fact

Local long-form name:
Rzeczpospolita Polska
(The Republic of Poland)

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Literary Malarky
Thursday, June 29, 2006   |    Art

Celebrate Your Independence, Take Care of Your Digits

yprfoundingfathers copy.jpg

The founding fathers of YPR would like to take this moment to celebrate long weekends with no dayjobs, literary tomfoolery and the last call for submissions for YPR print! Bring us your tired, your dirty, your utterly hilarious.

We’ll be back next week with all new goods for you. Also be on the lookout for the triumphiant return of Shreeks!