Monday, August 21, 2006

August 28th, 2006 will live in infamy … if you don’t drink so much you can’t remember it, that is.

rodney_dancing_yay.jpgSo? So, let’s dance!

After scheming in the lab at Y.P.R. headquarters, we finally concocted a way to you’re your daily helping of Yankee Pot Roast more delicious by coupling it with a Drink at Work.

aoc_card_small2.jpgThat’s right, August 28th will be the first ever Yankee Pot Roast reading [slash] meet-your-fellow-contributors-and-revel-in-the-opportunity-to-kick-the-Y.P.R.-editors-in-the-junk-for-not-responding-to-your-submissions-in-a-timely-enough-manner [slash] party.

The joint is Ace of Clubs on Great Jones Street, which is somewhere below 14th Street and lies precisely HERE. Our good friends over at Drink at Work will be performing and co-hosting as well.

The menu for the evening includes doors opening at 7ish, readings/performances starting at 8ish and the mad-cap hilarity starting and ending whenever you damned well make it.

carol_hartsell.jpgYour hosts for the evening will be the über-talented and slightly saucy Carol Hartsell and the soon to be ex-King of Prussia, Y.P.R.’s own Geoff Wolinetz. 2004_08_geoffwolinetz.jpg

The exciting and drop-your-pants funny will come from:

— Dennis DiClaudio, author of The Hypochondriac’s Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have and other writings with exceptionally long titles
— Todd Zuniga (Opium Magazine and the Opium Media Empire)
— Dale Dobson (Frequent contributor to Y.P.R. and Cracked)
— Gladstone of the Transylvanian Gladstones (A favorite of both Y.P.R. and his Aunt Harold)
Elephant Larry (brilliant sketch comedy crew)
— The devious, elusive and brilliant Sean Crespo (of National Lampoon, Cracked, and Sean Crespo’s Worst Nightmare)
— Ces Marciuliano (writer of Sally Forth, co-founder of Drinkatwork and creator of MediumLarge)
— Nick Jezarian (once he overcomes his fear of being booed off stage while being pelted by rotting onions)

Wait! It gets better!

beas_face-(FRONT-OF-SHIRT).jpgWe’ll be selling the long-awaited Bea Arthur T-shirts. That’s right, Bea fuckin’ Arthur will be in the house.

As well pre-order forms for the first ever print edition of Y.P.R.

So be there. Barry Bonds will if he’s not in court. So will Slobodan Milošević, although chances are I’ll turn him away at the door. In the meantime, clear your calendars and please, feel free to drop us a note and let us know if you’ll come join us. It will make us proud … even if you’re lying.

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