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36 Hours: Penn Station

by Mick Stingley

Beneath the teeming streets of the City That Never Sleeps is a bustling subterranean microcosm inhabited by aspiring vacationers and weary commuters aching to make their connections via the extensive network of subways and railroads. Given that constant delays and…

William Shakespeare’s “Serpents Upon a Wingèd Vessel”

by Jeremy Richards.

A Typical Day for Sagat from Street Fighter

by Geoff Haggerty

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Literary Folderol
Tuesday, October 17, 2006   |    New & Noteworthy

Y.P.R Knows How To Read

aoc_card_small2.jpg And since the first time we did this it was so much fun, it’s time to show everyone (again) that we know how to read. Thus, Y.P.R. will be having another reading on Mon, Oct. 30

The joint is Ace of Clubs on Great Jones St. which is somewhere below 14th St and lies thusly. Our good friends over at Drink at Work will be performing and co-hosting as well.

The menu for the evening includes doors opening at 7:30ish, readings/performances starting at 8:30ish. Be there or we’ll come to your house and drag you there. And if you don’t think we know where you live, well, you don’t know us very well at all.