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Thumbnail image for Y8.jpg Last night after we cleaned up & everyone else went to bed I scarfed down AN ENTIRE BOX of See’s Egg Nog Truffles. I deserve punishment. HOW DO I PUNISH MYSELF for scarfing down AN ENTIRE BOX of SEE’S EGG NOG TRUFFLES??
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Thumbnail image for Y2.jpg Tie your knees or ankles together. The initial impulse might be just to wrap the ropes around the limbs and tie together the ends, but to make everything more snug, it’s nice to run a few turns of the rope perpendicular to the original turns, tightening them down. This makes for more secure tying and can really add to the feeling of being “tied up.”
Thumbnail image for Y4.jpg In tying two limbs together, I usually start out with a lark’s head, forming a loop around the wrists, for example. You wrap several turns around the wrists and feed the ends back through the loop made by the lark’s head. You separate the two ends, passing one end under the wrapping turns and tie a square knot.
Y5.jpg This same kind of tie can be used on ankles and knees. In fact, you can use it to tie nearly any two body parts together: wrist to ankle, wrist to thigh, ankle to thigh, upper arm to chest, and so on.
>Thumbnail image for Y3.jpg A simple variation of a wrist tie done with a single strand of rope rather than doubling it up: you wrap in opposite directions around the wrists, cross the ropes and go in opposite directions. Then you do the cinching, tightening down perpendicular to the wrapping turns, and finish off with a square knot.
Thumbnail image for Y7.jpg If you do have long hair, you can use a bar wrap to restrain the hair. Do some kind of mid-body harness or restraint. Start creating a bar wrap. When you’re ready to bar wrap up the vertical rope, pull your hair over the vertical rope. Wrap the tails around the vertical rope and hair. Repeat the wrapping as many times as needed.
Thumbnail image for Y6.jpg Tying a single limb can often be more tricky than tying two limbs together. If you just wrap the limb and tie a square knot, the problem is that as you pull away from the knot, the ropes tighten more and more, potentially cutting off circulation. To avoid this, pass the rope underneath all the wrapping turns so that you form a cuff with equal pressure on all the wraps.
Thumbnail image for Y1.jpg The spreader bar tie is useful for tying the elbows together or for leaving some space between the ankles to allow yourself to walk. It’s just like a regular double limb tie, just spread out wide, and then the cinching is wrapped again and again to make the bar. You can make it as wide or as narrow as you need.
Thumbnail image for Y9.jpg Note: It’s usually best to avoid the granny knot. Basically it’s a poorly tied version of the square knot. When tying, if you go “left over right,” then “left over right” again, you’ll end up with a granny knot. It’s not as secure as the square knot, can slip fairly easily and it tends to twist over on itself. Good luck!
Carly Siver teaches young children the benefits of thorough handwashing but also the upside to having impetigo. She collects old lottery tickets and enjoys Cherry Coke. Unfortunately she lives in Canada where Cherry Coke is not available. Please send her some.

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