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Yankee Pot Roast, $5.95. The Pied Piper of Harvard Ave. The Pied Piper of Harvard Ave. Photographed by Alexis Tirado

The Pied Piper of Harvard Ave.

Accompanied the article Seen and Heard in Boston … , June 14, 2004

The Land of the Ice and Snow

by Amy Stender

Accompanied the article Fairlee by Amy Stender , February 02, 2004

Shelley's wrist & Anna's head
Josh, Shelley, Anna, Geoff.
Anna arrived dressed as a banana. 'Once upon a time, long, long ago'

'far, far away, and all that jazz...'
By having pupils painted on her eyelids, Anna could feign enthusiasm while catching up on sleep. And Michelangelo painted on his back. 'lillypads' 'frolicking field' 'How do you do, Frog?' Geoff and Josh stood perfectly still, while Anna's body was slowly rotated via Lazy Susan. It's all about the umbrella lights. Cheeky. It's true. Don't tell. Sloppy, sloppy penmanship. Geoff suddenly realizes everybody can smell it. Words, words, words. Goldie Hawn in 'Laugh-In.' Jazzercizing. Shelley was reading a funny joke written on Anna's shoulder blade. Rinsing off with a bottle of Poland Spring. Can you spot the split infinitive? Rinsing off with a bottle of Poland Spring. Fin. Ribbit.
Word. This is a leg, probably. This stopped making sense.

The Skin Project

Accompanied the article The Skin Project , October 28, 2003



Accompanied the article test tt , October 15, 2002