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Ruined Music Our friend and frequent Y.P.R. contributor Mary Phillips-Sandy is in the news for offering a place to share stories of music once beloved and now forsaken.
This Monday--A Very Special Evening Full of Fright, Bea, and Literary Buffoonery Once again, Yankee Pot Roast is teaming up with the comedic genius lunatics at Drink at Work to bring you a night of short comic readings, booze, an unhealthy Bea Arthur fixation and another awesome performance by local sketch heroes (and finalists in The Great Sketch Experiment) Elephant Larry!
Y.P.R. Print Update Many, many inquiries... too few fingers. Here's the update you've all been waiting for. We're nailing down the specifics for Issue #1, and we'll be opening up the floodgates for Issue #2 shortly. Bear with us....
Better Buy a Bea. They're Buttah! The first non-CafePressed Bea Arthur T-shirts are now available and they're marvelous.b
Bea Arthur, Booze, Hilarity ... August 28th Is Gonna Rock! August 28th, 2006 will live in infamy … if you don’t drink so much you can’t remember it, that is.
Well, I Thought You'd Never Ask! Dale Dobson declares Hilary's "Drop Your Pants" the most risqué recording ever broadcast over the public airwaves.
Swear? You Shouldn't Swear, Young Man. Dale Dobson recalls the long-forgotten "Swear."
Now That's Some Scary Shit Ces Marculiano is unafraid of "So Afraid of the Russians," the completely forgettable para-prop* track by the completely forgettable Made for TV.

* Paranoia/Propagana
Enough with the Promises Already Dale Dobson renegs on Naked Eyes' "Promises, Promises"
Damn, That's Hott "Sexy & 17" by The Stray Cats from the album Rant 'n' Rave with The Stray Cats Fourth week in July, 1983 The 1950s are seemingly always good for a comeback, whether it's through the musical Grease, the nostalgia band...
Really, Who Doesn't Like Balloons? Ces Marcuiliano translates "99 Luftballons"
Come On Down and Wear Your Influences on Your Sleeve Dale Dobson recalls the Apple ][ game Lemonade Stand, thanks to the Alarm's single.
He Wrote the Book Which Makes Him ... Well ... Awesome Everyday, Will Layman rewrites Elvis Costello's book.
Send the Kids to the Neighbors and Lock the Doors! That's right, the deadline has come and gone for submissions for Y.P.R.'s first ever print edition. Now it's time for us to lock ourselves in a room with all this paper and summon the courage to read through everything without...
Major Tom, Shootin' Star Dale Dobson counts down to Major Tom's re-entry.
Call for Shreek Writers! Have you been reading and following the Shreek of the Week of the Day? No? My goodness, go wash your eyes out with soap this instant. Then come back and be prepared for Shreek of the Week of the Day...
Wolfman Taps ... Or Something "Wolfman Tap" eludes Dale Dobson.
Dear Diary ... You Stink Dale Dobson reads Yaz's "Diary"
Doctor... WHOOP, WHOOP... Detroit The happiest song ever made about Detroit.
No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies, STOP! Gladstone on the B-52's' "Whammy Kiss"
Do I Smell Something Burning? Elizabeth Koch burns down the house.
Next Time, Maybe I'll Knock Todd Zuniga digs up memories of "Every Breath You Take"
Fear Not, Shreeks Aren't Dead, They're ... Resting Dear Readers, Thank you for your patience while we wait to post our next Shreek of the Week of the Day. Unfortunately, we are stuck on the Police and their tune "Every Breath You Take". We're hanging on to this...
What Real Salads Are Made Of In this week's installment of Tangential Stupidity at Drink at Work, Y.P.R.'s Nick Jezarian discusses why Field Greens salads are nothing but a crock--a crock of leafy, greeny, bitter leaves. Shame on you, chefs, shame on you!...
Tomato and Black-Capped Chickadees Love Mary Phillips-Sandy wishes she were Kate Pierson.
The Sad Clown of Death Sings Annie Lennox freaks out a young Elizabeth Koch.
Fascinating, That Fascination Is The Human League's "Fascination" fascinates Dennis DiClaudio.
Doot Doot ... Doody! Nick Jezarian on Freur.
Love. Sweet! Gladstone declares "Modern Love" a miniature poodle in a sweater.
We're Gonna Rock Down to Psychosis Dennis DiClaudio on "Electric Avenue"
Street Meats, It's the Meats of the Streets Come check out the newest from the creators of Yankee Pot Roast. StreetMeats.com, All Sports, All New York.
Church of the Musical Clusterf*ck Mary Phillips-Sandy uncovers the dark secret behind Boy George's "Church of the Poisoned Mind." (No, the other darl secret. Silly!
That's An Excellent Question. Let Me Get Back To You. Mick Stingley ponders "Is There Something [He] Should Know?"
Scooby Dooby Kajagoogoo Ces Marcuiliano tries to describe "Too Shy."
So? So, Let's Dance! Gladstone recalls the beginning of Bowie's end.
How Looooooooong? How long must we sing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"?
Tears for Fears... and Good Charlotte's Relevance Ces Marciuliano on Tears for Fears, with a Monchhichi reference to boot.
Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way OUt, Duffy! Hunching over the radio, listening to a flaky ’DRE feed.
Tangential Stupidity Your humble editor Nick Jezarian has been a contributor for Drink at Work but recently the site's masterminds, Ces Marciuliano and Carol Hartsell, mistook him for someone who deserves a weekly column. Don't tell the Drink at Work fools about...
It's Electric! Make a circuit with the Polecats.
I Wanna Be Kinetic and I Want a Web Shooter Too! Hilary's "Kinetic" vs. Spiderman's webshooter.
Don't Turn Around Gladstone on "Der Kommissar".
Paging David Blaine... Right now, the operations department is desperately trying to get Jim Davis on the horn. The people need to know what actually transpired in today's strip. In one panel, there's a cookie and Jon is politely offering to share it...
Happy Birthday, Roberto Benigni! Dear Roberto, Happy birthday! I want to make love to your special day with the loins I have! I want to play peek-a-boo with funbags and say hello to the world! This is a great day for me and to...



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