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R.I.P., Hitch Some tributes to the late, great Christopher Hitchens.
R.I.P., Hitch Amazon Rankings of Children's Books by Christopher HitchensMick Stingley Mommy's Not Going to Heaven and Neither Are You!By Christopher HitchensAmazon.com Sales Rank: #18 in Books Most Recent Customer Reviews: "Finally! This is the definitive atheist and antitheist polemic teaching tool...
Harry Potter and the Last Chance to Recycle These Jokes Y.P.R. recycles its Pottery one last time.
Happy Bastille Day! Reprinting some of Y.P.R.'s Francophilia.
Fall Vacation Back soon ... for reals!
Summer Vacation! Back soon!
Europa Europa! What a Rick Steves Travel Guide to Venice Would Look Like if Rick Steves Were Severely Agoraphobic / I've Decided to Start Acting More French / I Think I Need to Dispell Some Misconceptions about My Six-Foot-Tall Swedish Ladyfriend Who Happens to Be a Licensed Massage Therapist / European Hip-Hoppers / Temping in Vatican City / The Catcher in the Rye: The Unauthorized German Translation / Eurotrash / Part of Your Complete International Breakfast
The 25th Hour A Y.P.R. salute to 24.
Mother's Day Mayhem This year, Mother's Day is gonna be OFF THA HOOK!
Will Leitch Is Winning Huzzah and kudos to Y.P.R.'s pal Mr. William Fauntleroy Leitch, whose new book, Are We Winning?, lands in bookstores today.
Earth Day Some Nature Haiku / Grand Theft Auto IV Tips for the Environmentally Conscious Father / The Effects of Global Warning / Ways in Which Sarah Palin Will Spin Massive Amounts of Snow to Mock Global Warming
Four and Twenty Excerpts from Marijuana Magazine's Special Issues / Big Deal! I Sold a Little Weed to Give My Kids a Better Future ... / Billy Mays Tries to Sell You Some Weed
Kapitoil & Trouble Erstwhile Y.P.R. contributor Teddy Wayne publishes a book. A book!
Poems! We've Got More Poems! Postage Due / Spam the Man / Andy and the Puma / Hippies, Hair Metal, and How I Learned to Stop Watching Television
A Pantheon of Greek-Myth Mirth Enslaved by the Bell: Greek Titans and Gods in High School / Sisyphus Dabbles in Haiku / Dionysus, Applebee's Server / Alfred Tennyson's "Release the Kraken!"
Writers' Blocks Possible Noms de Plume I Might Use for My Novel / T.S. Eliot's Opinions of the Other Eleven Months / The Steamboat Sessions: Early Musings of Samuel Clemens / Five Early Working Titles for The Vagina Monologues / Great Works of Literature AutoSummarized by Microsoft Office Word 2003 Edition
Greenberg 2: Greenberg Down Under Greenberg is back and anti-social as ever!
Passover Rehash Why should this night be different from all other nights?
Hooray for Healthcare! Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s most medicinal mirth.
March Madness 2010 Reprinting some of our leftover basketball stuff.
Befriend Y.P.R. That's right, folks: your humble literary journal has canceled its MySpace, Friendster, and AOL chatroom accounts.
See Y'all in MMX Y.P.R. will return in 2010.
Hallowe'en Rehash My Rejected Submission to Cosmo's Halloween Issue, Entitled "How to Lose a Guy in One Spooky, Scary Night: Halloween Costumes for Those Wanting Out" and What Not to Give Trick-or-Treaters on Hallowe'en Night
R.I.P., William Safire Remembering the conservative wordsmith.
Dan Brown Day! Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s most cryptic and sacrilegious conspiracies.
Poems! We've Got Poems! The important free-verse kind, not the fun rhymey kind.
Death by Listicle Prom Dates from Hell / Other Ways to Skin a Cat / Alternatives to "Finish Him!" in Mortal Kombat / Expiration by Twinkie / Other Things That Are Killing Me Softly
R.I.P., John Hughes Some Good Possible Names for an Emo Band, Inspired by the 1986 Motion Picture Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Yo, Joe! This year, in support of all our troops overseas, we're going with the most patriotic theme we could think of. That's right: "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero"!!!!!!!!
Broadway Listicles Brutally Realistic Versions of Famous Musicals / How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? / Ways in Which I Would Refer to Sex if I Were a Bawdy Extra in an English Period Drama
Comic Con Reprinting some of Y.P.R.'s geekiest Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy stuff.
Recession Special! The Economy Issue
Half-Blood Princery Y.P.R. never misses the chance to recycle its Mudblood jokes.
Happy Birthday, America! Republishing some of our Founding Fathers' favorites.
Toys on Film Ridley Scott's Monopoly and other toy-to-film adaptations.
Pomp & Circumstance Congratulating the 2009 graduates. Good luck with that whole employment thing!
Angels & Demons & Da Vinci Codes Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s most cryptic and sacrilegious conspiracies.
A Note to Our Dear Readers As you may have noticed, 2009 has found your humble journal moving at a snail's pace ...
Smothers Day Republishing Some Mother's Day Material for Dear Old Mom
Beatrice "Bea" Arthur, R.I.P. May 13, 1922 - April 25, 2009
Paunchy, Balding Mutant Ninja Turtles Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, thereby making them ... middle-aged? (And, yes, you're old, too.)
IV/XX "Excerpts from Marijuana Magazine's Special Issues" & "Big Deal! I Sold a Little Weed to Give My Kids a Better Future ..."
Passover/under What you can buy for two zuzzim.
Opening Day 2009 Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s favorite pastime.
Lá Fhéile Pádraig (St. Paddy's Day) St. Pat's Facts and a Salute to Things Irish
Y.P.R.'s 2009 Academy Awards Thing A Look Back at the Year in Film
Scorching V.D. Hot stuff, comin' through.
25 Facts About Me The first fact is something most people don't know. The second fact states the obvious, which should amuse you.
Super Bowl XLIII In which we pretend to care who's playing.
Oh, Yes. We Can. Hail to the Chief.
Thank You, Mr. President, Pt. II Republishing some more of Y.P.R.'s past tributes to our 43rd president and his awesome administration.
Thank You, Mr. President Republishing (thankfully for the last relevant time) some of Y.P.R.'s past tributes to our 43rd president and his awesome administration.
2008: The Year in Pot Roast Our annual round-up of the past loop around the sun.
Rum Pum Pum Pum Christmas tales by Dickens, Ellis, & Lenin!
Your President-Elect This Thing Does Indeed Look Like That Thing. ("On Weeeed"?)
What the Hey? For the duration of Aught Eight, the Y.P.R. machine will be steered by the very capable (?) hands of Mr. Jimmy Chen and Mr. Fortunato Salazar
Happy Xmas (War Is Over Ongoing) The ghosts of Y.P.R. Christmases past.
Jeez, the Holidays Seem to Come Earlier Every Year ... Y.P.R. calls it a night on 2008. (See ya in '09 ...!)
Happy Birthday, Bruce Hornsby! I know how to play "Mandolin Rain" pretty well, buddy.
Infinite Playlist Some musical listicles, so that you may rock on with your bad self.
Election Roundup! Our favorite TV show is, at long last, coming to an end ... Goodbye, Zogby. Goodbye, Rasmussen. Goodbye, lipstick. Goodbye, pigs/pit bulls. Goodbye, Joe the Plumber. Goodbye, crazy lady with a "B" on her face. Goodbye, Bristol, Levi, Twig, et al.
Zack & Miri & Kevin & the M.P.A.A. Potty-mouthed auteur Kevin Smith's new film opens this weekend in liberal theaters across the nation. Fortunato Salazar recounts the film's epic battle with the prudish M.P.A.A. here: "Zack and Miri Make a Pruno."
Vroom! Vroom! The Underrated Racing Team is underrated no more. Our driver, Gregory Jezarian, is going big-time.
A Guide to Recognizing Your Mavericks From James Garner to the Dallas Mavs. Also! A guide to notable black presidents.
Midnight Train to Georgia My friends, your humble coeditor, Mr. Nick Jezarian, is packing up his Bronx apartment and taking the ol' midnight train to Georgia--the peachtree state, not the former Soviet republic.
Food for Thoughtlessness Bum Food, Hurt Waffles, & Gross Treats
Live (Sort of) Coverage (Well, Jokes) of the Presidential Town-Hall Debate Y.P.R.'s experiment in "live-blogging" the "town-hall" "presidential" "debate."
Debate Prep Tonight, your Yankee Pot Roasters will be conducting an experiment in live-blogging during the presidential debate. And if the experiment is successful, we will likely live-blog again for Thursday night's première of Kath & Kim on NBC.
Reminder: Tonight in Brooklyn, Get Your Y.P.R. On! Tonight! 7 p.m.! Barnes & Noble! Park Slope! Yankee Pot Roasters! Reading! Joking! Signing! Books! Underrated! Ha ha! And then! The Gate! Drinking! More jokes! Like 8-something probably? Ha ha! Fun! You! Us! Good times!
Underrated Indecision* All this week at Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 blog, Y.P.R. will be whoring its sociopolitical influence to examine the United States' most underrated executive understudies.
Veep This As we ready for tonight's big debate between Garry Marshall and Betty Rubble, let us take a moment to remember some of our greatest vice presidents past. Or, at least, the two who've shot someone.
Reading. Drinking. Friday. Brooklyn. Friday, October 3rd, 7 p.m., at the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope. And then come drink with us at The Gate, a nearby watering hole.
Four-Year Flashback: Closing Statements from the Castaways' Presidential Debate What with tonight's McCain/Obama tête-à-tête being possibly canceled due to inclement fiscal weather, our collective appetite for debate remains unsated. Please enjoy this debatable article, from the 2004 election, and recall that it doesn't matter who wins the argument; only who steals Ohio.
Yankee Pot Roast Hits Up Rockland This evening, at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in glorious Rockland County, the Yankee Pot Roasters will be signing copies of their new book, Underrated, and helping readers determine with absolute confidence their underrated/overrated quotients.
Ooonder 'ated on the Radio Your humble editor, Mr. Geoff Wolinetz, spoke with Phantom 105.2, Dublin's reformed pirate radio station, to promote Y.P.R.'s book, Underrated (which in Ireland, of course, is called "Ooonder 'ated").
Two (2) Listicles An itemized list of lists.
Dog Poll Results, 2008 Sit, Zogby, sit. Good dog.
D.F.W., R.I.P. Endnote.
What if We Were to Tell You We Had a Very Funny Thing Called "Entourage Chat Room"? Is That Something You Might Be Interested In? arygold666: hey E vince might not get the movie pls hold [_E_]: O NOEZ WHAT R WE GOING TO DO DAMN TERTELZ QUIT SPENDING ALL THE MONEY WTF...
Back to School (tergum ut schola) A (week-late) roundup of Y.P.R.'s articles, spanning the elementary through collegiate levels.
G.O.P. Potpourri As this week's Republican hootenanny continues, Y.P.R. republishes some more of its past tributes to the Grand Old Party.
Four-Year Flashback: Y.P.R.'s R.N.C. in N.Y.C. MMIV Well, Hurricane Gustav is all but shitcanning this week's Republican National Convention, so to get your fix of grand old G.O.P. partying, Y.P.R. is republishing its coverage of the 2004 R.N.C. in New York City.
Science & Medicine Unfortunate Typos; Musical Ailments; F.A.Q.s for Girls
Y.P.R. on the Radio Tonight! Joey Reynolds Tonight, your Yankee Pot Roasters will commandeering the earth's radiowaves (via The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR in N.Y.C. (710 AM); syndicated nationally) to promote their new book, How Awesome Will It Be: A Teen Guide to the Second Coming Underrated: The Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesome, Underappreciated Stuff.
Who Is ScriptGirl? Kim Townsel interviews ScriptGirl--the mysterious producer's assistant who reports a weekly wrapup of script sales via viral video.
The Simpsons, via Y.P.R., via Cracked "The 5 Most Underrated Simpsons Characters," by your Yankee Pot Roasters, over yonder at Cracked.com.
The Underrated Book and the State of Oregon Declare Mutual Appreciation. The Oregonian Underrated scored a brief mention in The Oregonian's Pop Talk feature, in which we are referred to as "waggish satirists." Um, hooray for the Hazelnut State!

Sacramento News & Review Also, an equally brief but equally positive note from The Sacramento News & Review, in which our calculations are called "complicated, Freakonomics-style." Well, SN&R is half-right, although it looks like the Freaky Steves used legitimate math. We just made up numbers. (Shh!)
Met the Authors Richard Grayson reviews Y.P.R.'s Underrated book signing and discussion.
Underrated Book Signing Tonight! This evening, at the Borders bookstore in Columbus Circle, the Yankee Pot Roasters will be signing copies of their new book, Underrated.
Notorious!: Celebrity Listicles Chuck Norris Facts; Carlos Mencia Thievery; David Coverdale's John Hancock
Las Listas Internacionales European Hip-Hoppers; Zionist Plots; Spanish Words



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