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Dennis DiClaudio, Pathological Worrywart In which Y.P.R. bothers the author with one question.
Sam Lipsyte, distinguished alumnus Y.P.R. What is written about or to you in your high-school yearbook? Sam Lipyste Herewith I offer a few inscriptions from my yearbook, with annotations where needed, and names removed. 1. From a guy I used to drink with:...
Andrei Codrescu, exquisite corpse Y.P.R. 1. Hey, what's up? A.C. Nothing as far as I can see, but that's bound to change as soon as they reverse my mood. Mr. Codrescu is a poet, novelist, an essayist, a screenwriter, a columnist for N.P.R., and...
Malcolm Gladwell, quick thinker How's life treating you?
Sasha Frere-Jones, music critic You're in a time machine that's powered by musical zeitgeist: it can traverse the time-space continuum, but its landing coordinates can only be programmed for, say, Manchester, late 70s, or Seattle, circa 1991, etc. Which music scene would you visit, and why?
Andrew Vachss, creative factory Y.P.R. 1. Man alive! You crank out creative product like you’re hepped up on speed. What’s your writing schedule or routine look like, and how do you thwart writer’s block? Andrew Vachss I don’t have a schedule, much less...
Ned Vizzini, chill squipster Y.P.R. 1. As the editors of Y.P.R. approach the age of 30, we increasingly find ourselves in fits of white-hot jealousy and berserk outrage when we learn of young success stories. Looking back on your (slightly) younger days, were...
J. T. LeRoy, young Turk Y.P.R. 1. “Terminator”? What kind of a pen name is that? Please explain/defend yourself. J. T. LeRoy I was tricking on the street and it was a name these other boy kids gave me as a joke because it...
Hal Sparks, funny person Who do you encounter more often, fans who think you're really queer as folk or fans who think you really love the 80s?
Patton Oswalt, funny person Y.P.R. 1. Hey, you're pretty funny dude. Could you tell us a joke? Patton Oswalt Yes! I'm a professional comedian. It's fun, always having jokes and funny stories to tell. I love making people laugh. Thank you for asking! Mr....
Todd Barry, funny person Y.P.R. 1. Does male pattern baldness directly amplify one's sarcasm? Todd Barry I was sarcastic long before I saw any signs of M.P.B. Mr. Barry is a standup comedian all over the television set. His Web home is
David Rees, Clip-Artist In which we find out what it's like to be a cartoonist who cannot draw.
Jonathan Ames, Randy Writer What did your mom say the first time she read your tales of ribaldry?
Neal Pollack, Supercharged Satirist In which we discover the root of hirsute Jewry.
Tom Perrotta, Novelist In which we find out Mr. Perotta's choice of munchies.
One-Question Interviews
Y.P.R. makes no delusions of grandeur regarding its small-potatoes self. Therefore, when we pester our favorite writers, artists, and humorists, we only do so for a quick minute. Then, whammo! We’re out.



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