Kevin O Cuinn

kevin o cuinn used to live in Belgium; the Antwerpians are nice to be around. They love to eat and love to drink, which is how kevin spends most of his free time, so they got on just fine. That was after France and Hungary, but before Germany. Home is the Westerwald, a little place with a long name—Weitefeld Oberdreisbach—which has been a small town since 848, and Dublin, not far from the Hill of Howth, where he left Brendan, his baby brother, who invited him to Belgium, and to whom 'Famous Belgians' is dedicated. kevin likes songs about trains and watching people fly kites in the park. And yes, he is wholly responsible for 'Freaksville' which can be viewed at

The Ten Most World-Famous Belgians in the World Can I name 10 world-famous Belgians? Not including tennis players? Are you serious? Belgians!?! You do mean Belgians, as in ‘citizens of Belgium,’ n’est ce pas? Oui? Pas de problem, dude. Sure I know where it’s at. It’s in Europe...

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