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Summer Vacation! Back soon!
Will Leitch Is Winning Huzzah and kudos to Y.P.R.'s pal Mr. William Fauntleroy Leitch, whose new book, Are We Winning?, lands in bookstores today.
Kapitoil & Trouble Erstwhile Y.P.R. contributor Teddy Wayne publishes a book. A book!
A Pantheon of Greek-Myth Mirth Enslaved by the Bell: Greek Titans and Gods in High School / Sisyphus Dabbles in Haiku / Dionysus, Applebee's Server / Alfred Tennyson's "Release the Kraken!"
See Y'all in MMX Y.P.R. will return in 2010.
What the Hey? For the duration of Aught Eight, the Y.P.R. machine will be steered by the very capable (?) hands of Mr. Jimmy Chen and Mr. Fortunato Salazar
Jeez, the Holidays Seem to Come Earlier Every Year ... Y.P.R. calls it a night on 2008. (See ya in '09 ...!)
Vroom! Vroom! The Underrated Racing Team is underrated no more. Our driver, Gregory Jezarian, is going big-time.
Midnight Train to Georgia My friends, your humble coeditor, Mr. Nick Jezarian, is packing up his Bronx apartment and taking the ol' midnight train to Georgia--the peachtree state, not the former Soviet republic.
Live (Sort of) Coverage (Well, Jokes) of the Presidential Town-Hall Debate Y.P.R.'s experiment in "live-blogging" the "town-hall" "presidential" "debate."
Debate Prep Tonight, your Yankee Pot Roasters will be conducting an experiment in live-blogging during the presidential debate. And if the experiment is successful, we will likely live-blog again for Thursday night's première of Kath & Kim on NBC.
Reminder: Tonight in Brooklyn, Get Your Y.P.R. On! Tonight! 7 p.m.! Barnes & Noble! Park Slope! Yankee Pot Roasters! Reading! Joking! Signing! Books! Underrated! Ha ha! And then! The Gate! Drinking! More jokes! Like 8-something probably? Ha ha! Fun! You! Us! Good times!
Underrated Indecision* All this week at Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 blog, Y.P.R. will be whoring its sociopolitical influence to examine the United States' most underrated executive understudies.
Reading. Drinking. Friday. Brooklyn. Friday, October 3rd, 7 p.m., at the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope. And then come drink with us at The Gate, a nearby watering hole.
Yankee Pot Roast Hits Up Rockland This evening, at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in glorious Rockland County, the Yankee Pot Roasters will be signing copies of their new book, Underrated, and helping readers determine with absolute confidence their underrated/overrated quotients.
Ooonder 'ated on the Radio Your humble editor, Mr. Geoff Wolinetz, spoke with Phantom 105.2, Dublin's reformed pirate radio station, to promote Y.P.R.'s book, Underrated (which in Ireland, of course, is called "Ooonder 'ated").
D.F.W., R.I.P. Endnote.
Y.P.R. on the Radio Tonight! Joey Reynolds Tonight, your Yankee Pot Roasters will commandeering the earth's radiowaves (via The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR in N.Y.C. (710 AM); syndicated nationally) to promote their new book, How Awesome Will It Be: A Teen Guide to the Second Coming Underrated: The Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesome, Underappreciated Stuff.
The Simpsons, via Y.P.R., via Cracked "The 5 Most Underrated Simpsons Characters," by your Yankee Pot Roasters, over yonder at
The Underrated Book and the State of Oregon Declare Mutual Appreciation. The Oregonian Underrated scored a brief mention in The Oregonian's Pop Talk feature, in which we are referred to as "waggish satirists." Um, hooray for the Hazelnut State!

Sacramento News & Review Also, an equally brief but equally positive note from The Sacramento News & Review, in which our calculations are called "complicated, Freakonomics-style." Well, SN&R is half-right, although it looks like the Freaky Steves used legitimate math. We just made up numbers. (Shh!)
Met the Authors Richard Grayson reviews Y.P.R.'s Underrated book signing and discussion.
Underrated Book Signing Tonight! This evening, at the Borders bookstore in Columbus Circle, the Yankee Pot Roasters will be signing copies of their new book, Underrated.
How to (Re-)Write a Book Last night, over a hundred of Y.P.R.'s friends and fans joined us at Ace of Clubs for a low-rent book launch party, to celebrate Underrated selling out its first print run in just over a week. Big buckets of thanks to all who showed up (or sent well wishes from far away).
Deadspun Huzzah and kudos to Y.P.R.'s sports-loving pals and erstwhile Black Tablers: Mr. Will Leitch is retiring his jersey as editor of Deadspin to columnize for New York magazine, and Mr. A.J. Daulerio will be sitting in the vacant Leitch-shaped ass crater on the Deadspin chair in his absence. Mazel tov, boys.
Underrated Hits Bookstores Today! That's right, folks--Y.P.R.'s big, orange, 224-page book arrives in finer bookstores today. Look for us in the Humor section, reluctantly sharing shelf space with Truly Tasteless Jokes Vol. II and Garfield Takes the Cake.
R.I.P., George Carlin Seven dirty words have all been said on television.
Announcing Y.P.R.'s New Book: Underrated: The Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesome Underappreciated Stuff Yes, folks, your humble Yankee Pot Roasters proudly announce their new 224-page book, published by the good people of Citadel Press, the imprint of Kensington Books, printed, bound, and available in finer bookstores everywhere on June 24, 2008.
Tales to Admonish In which Y.P.R. for the first time ever breaks a news story!.
You Mean They Have Humor on the Internet Now? Y.P.R.'s pal Matt Tobey, now blogging for corporate overlords at Viacom.
Family Hour w/ Auntie Sara (... w/ Geoff!) Your humble coëditor, Mr. Geoff Wolinetz, will regale you with tales of the Wolinetz clan this Friday night when he joins other prodigal sons and daughters at Family Hour w/ Auntie Sara, New York City's most dysfunctional comedy night.
Y.P.R. on the Radio If you caught Car Talk this weekend on NPR, you heard Click and Clack cackling over a Y.P.R. listicle--Michael Richardson-Bryan's "Suggested Names for Racehorses Expected to Have Undistinguished Careers.
Defame This. Y.P.R. extends a great big bucket of mazel tov to Mr. Mark Grahahm (the once-and-always Uncle Grambo), now defaming Hollywood alongside Mr. Mark Lisanti (the erstwhile Bunsen).
Yes, You'll Thank Him When You're the Coolest Cat at That Wedding or Bar Mitzvah Mr. Nick Jezarian, your humble coëditor and breakdancer extraordinaire, will instruct you How to Do the Kick Worm, over at Instructables, the world's biggest Show & Tell.

And now you're the hit of every wedding or bar mitzvah to come.
Rocking the WGA Strike, Pt. II Presenting some of Y.P.R.'s archive of screenplays, treatments, pitches, and script coverage.
Y.P.R.: Offically Nonrequired Suggested names for The Best American Nonrequired Reading.
The Y.P.R. Gift Shop Inspired by the inexplicably popular Ché Guevara T-shirt, Yankee Pot Roast proudly presents The Beatrice Arthur T-Shirt. Now, you too can proudly wear a portrait of acerbic countercultural revolutionary icon Bea Arthur on your chest. Shirts are available in Men's S, M, L, XL, for just $15 (shipping & handling included). Please send an e-mail to for order inquiries.
Valentine's Day Massacre Unrequited Love from Y.P.R.'s Past
Potty Cam Mr. Josh Abraham, humble coëditor of this journal and director of the film American Standard, is featured in a short behind-the-scenes article in the Movies section of this week's New York Magazine, where he describes the challenges of shooting in the potty.
Ruined Music Our friend and frequent Y.P.R. contributor Mary Phillips-Sandy is in the news for offering a place to share stories of music once beloved and now forsaken.
This Monday--A Very Special Evening Full of Fright, Bea, and Literary Buffoonery Once again, Yankee Pot Roast is teaming up with the comedic genius lunatics at Drink at Work to bring you a night of short comic readings, booze, an unhealthy Bea Arthur fixation and another awesome performance by local sketch heroes (and finalists in The Great Sketch Experiment) Elephant Larry!
Y.P.R. Print Update Many, many inquiries... too few fingers. Here's the update you've all been waiting for. We're nailing down the specifics for Issue #1, and we'll be opening up the floodgates for Issue #2 shortly. Bear with us....
Better Buy a Bea. They're Buttah! The first non-CafePressed Bea Arthur T-shirts are now available and they're marvelous.b
Bea Arthur, Booze, Hilarity ... August 28th Is Gonna Rock! August 28th, 2006 will live in infamy … if you don’t drink so much you can’t remember it, that is.
Send the Kids to the Neighbors and Lock the Doors! That's right, the deadline has come and gone for submissions for Y.P.R.'s first ever print edition. Now it's time for us to lock ourselves in a room with all this paper and summon the courage to read through everything without...
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Please make a note: Print Submissions are due June 30th and that's sooner than you think. The days fly by. It's true; we checked....
What Real Salads Are Made Of In this week's installment of Tangential Stupidity at Drink at Work, Y.P.R.'s Nick Jezarian discusses why Field Greens salads are nothing but a crock--a crock of leafy, greeny, bitter leaves. Shame on you, chefs, shame on you!...
Street Meats, It's the Meats of the Streets Come check out the newest from the creators of Yankee Pot Roast., All Sports, All New York.
Gutenberg? Spinning In His Grave Y.P.R. is expanding into the world of print. Want to be a part of it? Go ahead and read this. Then, submit....
Tangential Stupidity Your humble editor Nick Jezarian has been a contributor for Drink at Work but recently the site's masterminds, Ces Marciuliano and Carol Hartsell, mistook him for someone who deserves a weekly column. Don't tell the Drink at Work fools about...
Crafty Like a Fox Fair & Allegient!
Fox News, circa 1776
Out for Justice "A Golfer Rings Steven Seagal's Doorbell ..." by Geoff Wolinetz over at Cracked....
Video Killed The Y.P.R. Star "The Ausherman Stories" by Stephen Ausherman have been filmed, edited and posted over at Mr. Ausherman's site. Please head over and check them out. Bring a kugel. And tuck your shirt in....
Read to the Death Tonight your humble coëditor, Geoff Wolinetz, will read to the death at The Sweet Fancy Moses Literary Death Match Monday, March 13, 2006, 7:30 p.m. The Back Room, New York City, N.Y. 102 Norfolk St. @ Delancey St. (212) 228-5098...
Make That "Borrow" "Other Overwrought Acceptance Speeches" by Teddy Wayne "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" by Zev Borow, The New York Times, Sunday, March 5, 2006 . . . Anyway, more Academy Award related stuff: "Acceptance Speech" by Michael J. Ewing "The...
And the Winner Is ... Your humble coëditor, Geoff Wolinetz, will be reading with Dennis DiClaudio at the Me Three Oscar Bash this Sunday, March 5 at 7 p.m. It will take place at Croxley's Ale House at 28 Avenue B in Manhattan. If you...
Aaron Burr and Dick Cheney Who are two vice presidents who've shot someone? Recycled but relevant: "Excerpts from Dick Cheney's Duck-Hunting Journal" by Vince LiCata...
Prediction: 17 Posts and He's Outta There Ducky Magazine (on "hiatus") (parenthtetical note) (on "hiatus") I Am the Stallion (defunct) Dostoevsky Is Dead (defunct) Behold: Dennis DiClaudio dot com...
Opium.Weekend All-Star Gala & Battle of the Literary Gladiators...
Kindling The Black Table Roast. Live and in color.
Bringing You the Best New Music of 1982 The literary journal begets an MP3 blog: Y.P.R.'s WLIR/WDRE Shreek-of-the-Week of the Day Right click, Save Target/Link As....
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