Peter B. Silverman

Peter B. Silverman grew up in the often maligned, mafia-saturated streets of Howard Beach, N.Y. At age 12 he was a founding member of the dissident artists' collective, The Pink. During his Pink years he authored such distinguished works as “H.B. Rule” and “Wolfgang Pucked,” and coproduced the series of experimental videos “What You Are.” Following dissolution of the collective, Peter escaped to Los Angeles and landed several roles in television; most notably that of Fraternity Brother No. 3 on Fox’s short-lived series “Undelcared.” Today, Peter resides is New York City, attends law school, consults for the National Coalition Against Censorship, and continues to expand his literary oeuvre. You can peruse Mr. Silverman's artistic and academic acumen at, or right here on Y.P.R.

Excerpts from the Hipster Law Treatise Preface:“Hipster” is a word holy to some, yet bandied about by many who view it as a kiddy-club; joinable by any post-undergraduate, Lower East Side-moving gadfly with greasy hair and a Puma jumpsuit. This Treatise seeks to clarify and define...
An Excerpt from This Month's Journal of the History of Intellectual Culture: “Shoe Shopping: An Interdisciplinary Case Study of the Effects of Political Discourse on the Marketplace for Shoes” BACKGROUND While effects of modern political discourse on the marketplace of ideas has been thoroughly examined, the question of the effect of discourse on the marketplace for shoes has been grossly neglected in the field. The market for footwear has...

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