Recycled but Re-Relevant Archives

R.I.P., Hitch Some tributes to the late, great Christopher Hitchens.
R.I.P., Hitch Amazon Rankings of Children's Books by Christopher HitchensMick Stingley Mommy's Not Going to Heaven and Neither Are You!By Christopher Sales Rank: #18 in Books Most Recent Customer Reviews: "Finally! This is the definitive atheist and antitheist polemic teaching tool...
Harry Potter and the Last Chance to Recycle These Jokes Y.P.R. recycles its Pottery one last time.
Happy Bastille Day! Reprinting some of Y.P.R.'s Francophilia.
Sheen Machine: Every Single Episode of Two and a Half Men Since the CBS sitcom is on hiatus in wake of Mr. Sheen's galactic shitshow, Y.P.R. hereby republishes all 177 episodes of ribald mediocrity, handily condensed into one easy page.
Happy Festival of Lights! Some Thoughts on Improving Hannukkah! (Let's settle on the spelling. No more of that "ch" crap.)
Europa Europa! What a Rick Steves Travel Guide to Venice Would Look Like if Rick Steves Were Severely Agoraphobic / I've Decided to Start Acting More French / I Think I Need to Dispell Some Misconceptions about My Six-Foot-Tall Swedish Ladyfriend Who Happens to Be a Licensed Massage Therapist / European Hip-Hoppers / Temping in Vatican City / The Catcher in the Rye: The Unauthorized German Translation / Eurotrash / Part of Your Complete International Breakfast
"Ripped from the Headlines...": Law & Order Signs Off "A Successful Date Ends Badly for Dick Wolf, Creator of TV's Law & Order" and "Letter to Chris Noth: 'Mr. Big,' 'Detective Logan,' and Owner of N.Y.C.'s Cutting Room"
Mother's Day Mayhem This year, Mother's Day is gonna be OFF THA HOOK!
Will Leitch Is Winning Huzzah and kudos to Y.P.R.'s pal Mr. William Fauntleroy Leitch, whose new book, Are We Winning?, lands in bookstores today.
Earth Day Some Nature Haiku / Grand Theft Auto IV Tips for the Environmentally Conscious Father / The Effects of Global Warning / Ways in Which Sarah Palin Will Spin Massive Amounts of Snow to Mock Global Warming
Four and Twenty Excerpts from Marijuana Magazine's Special Issues / Big Deal! I Sold a Little Weed to Give My Kids a Better Future ... / Billy Mays Tries to Sell You Some Weed
Kapitoil & Trouble Erstwhile Y.P.R. contributor Teddy Wayne publishes a book. A book!
Passover Rehash Why should this night be different from all other nights?
Hooray for Healthcare! Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s most medicinal mirth.
March Madness 2010 Reprinting some of our leftover basketball stuff.
The Catcher in the Rye: The Unauthorized German Translation Ja, so, dis is der story uf me, a young mensch who vanders arount New York mit dem red hat on mein kupf.
Hip-Hop Lit: New and Noteworthy Rapper 50 Cent will collaborate with a team of writers on a series of novels about life on the streets.
Black Friday Doorbuster Specials at the Dollar Store! Knockoff brand names at F.D.A.-rejected Chinese brand prices!
Hallowe'en Rehash My Rejected Submission to Cosmo's Halloween Issue, Entitled "How to Lose a Guy in One Spooky, Scary Night: Halloween Costumes for Those Wanting Out" and What Not to Give Trick-or-Treaters on Hallowe'en Night
So, What Is Not an International Zionist Plot? "So, What Is Not an International Zionist Plot?" by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran
R.I.P., William Safire Remembering the conservative wordsmith.
Dan Brown Day! Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s most cryptic and sacrilegious conspiracies.
R.I.P., John Hughes Some Good Possible Names for an Emo Band, Inspired by the 1986 Motion Picture Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Yo, Joe! This year, in support of all our troops overseas, we're going with the most patriotic theme we could think of. That's right: "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero"!!!!!!!!
Comic Con Reprinting some of Y.P.R.'s geekiest Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy stuff.
Recession Special! The Economy Issue
Half-Blood Princery Y.P.R. never misses the chance to recycle its Mudblood jokes.
Happy Birthday, America! Republishing some of our Founding Fathers' favorites.
Toys on Film Ridley Scott's Monopoly and other toy-to-film adaptations.
Whatever Works Woody's Sketches for His Next Four Pictures
Beating a Dead Horse
(Triple Crown Equine Nomenclature)
Suggested Names for Racehorses Expected to Have Undistinguished Careers
Pomp & Circumstance Congratulating the 2009 graduates. Good luck with that whole employment thing!
Angels & Demons & Da Vinci Codes Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s most cryptic and sacrilegious conspiracies.
Smothers Day Republishing Some Mother's Day Material for Dear Old Mom
Paunchy, Balding Mutant Ninja Turtles Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, thereby making them ... middle-aged? (And, yes, you're old, too.)
IV/XX "Excerpts from Marijuana Magazine's Special Issues" & "Big Deal! I Sold a Little Weed to Give My Kids a Better Future ..."
Passover/under What you can buy for two zuzzim.
Opening Day 2009 Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s favorite pastime.
Lá Fhéile Pádraig (St. Paddy's Day) St. Pat's Facts and a Salute to Things Irish
A Rant on the Blizzard Brrr, how 'bout that snow out there, eh, babe? That's a lot of fuckin' snow, Cochise.
Y.P.R.'s 2009 Academy Awards Thing A Look Back at the Year in Film
Scorching V.D. Hot stuff, comin' through.
Super Bowl XLIII In which we pretend to care who's playing.
So Long, Mr. President: Bush Feet Under The Final Moments of the George W. Bush Administration
Thank You, Mr. President, Pt. II Republishing some more of Y.P.R.'s past tributes to our 43rd president and his awesome administration.
Thank You, Mr. President Republishing (thankfully for the last relevant time) some of Y.P.R.'s past tributes to our 43rd president and his awesome administration.
2008: The Year in Pot Roast Our annual round-up of the past loop around the sun.
Rum Pum Pum Pum Christmas tales by Dickens, Ellis, & Lenin!
Happy Xmas (War Is Over Ongoing) The ghosts of Y.P.R. Christmases past.
Chinese Demockery! The Norman Rockwell-Axl Rose Correspondence Use Your Illustration Parts I & II
Election Roundup! Our favorite TV show is, at long last, coming to an end ... Goodbye, Zogby. Goodbye, Rasmussen. Goodbye, lipstick. Goodbye, pigs/pit bulls. Goodbye, Joe the Plumber. Goodbye, crazy lady with a "B" on her face. Goodbye, Bristol, Levi, Twig, et al.
Zack & Miri & Kevin & the M.P.A.A. Potty-mouthed auteur Kevin Smith's new film opens this weekend in liberal theaters across the nation. Fortunato Salazar recounts the film's epic battle with the prudish M.P.A.A. here: "Zack and Miri Make a Pruno."
Veep This As we ready for tonight's big debate between Garry Marshall and Betty Rubble, let us take a moment to remember some of our greatest vice presidents past. Or, at least, the two who've shot someone.
Four-Year Flashback: Closing Statements from the Castaways' Presidential Debate What with tonight's McCain/Obama tête-à-tête being possibly canceled due to inclement fiscal weather, our collective appetite for debate remains unsated. Please enjoy this debatable article, from the 2004 election, and recall that it doesn't matter who wins the argument; only who steals Ohio.
D.F.W., R.I.P. Endnote.
What if We Were to Tell You We Had a Very Funny Thing Called "Entourage Chat Room"? Is That Something You Might Be Interested In? arygold666: hey E vince might not get the movie pls hold [_E_]: O NOEZ WHAT R WE GOING TO DO DAMN TERTELZ QUIT SPENDING ALL THE MONEY WTF...
Back to School (tergum ut schola) A (week-late) roundup of Y.P.R.'s articles, spanning the elementary through collegiate levels.
G.O.P. Potpourri As this week's Republican hootenanny continues, Y.P.R. republishes some more of its past tributes to the Grand Old Party.
Four-Year Flashback: Y.P.R.'s R.N.C. in N.Y.C. MMIV Well, Hurricane Gustav is all but shitcanning this week's Republican National Convention, so to get your fix of grand old G.O.P. partying, Y.P.R. is republishing its coverage of the 2004 R.N.C. in New York City.
Dark Knight Double Feature! Reprinting two classic Y.P.R. gems on account of Batmania.
How to (Re-)Write a Book Last night, over a hundred of Y.P.R.'s friends and fans joined us at Ace of Clubs for a low-rent book launch party, to celebrate Underrated selling out its first print run in just over a week. Big buckets of thanks to all who showed up (or sent well wishes from far away).
Deadspun Huzzah and kudos to Y.P.R.'s sports-loving pals and erstwhile Black Tablers: Mr. Will Leitch is retiring his jersey as editor of Deadspin to columnize for New York magazine, and Mr. A.J. Daulerio will be sitting in the vacant Leitch-shaped ass crater on the Deadspin chair in his absence. Mazel tov, boys.
Indiana Jones and the Last Fucking One Indy's Getting Too Old for This Shit.
Mamma Mia! Republishing Some Mother's Day Material for Dear Old Mom
Grand Theft Oughtta Chance Cards in Liberty City Monopoly" by Mike Richardson-Bryan: You receive your cut from a jewel heist: collect $50
Passovers Past Last year in Jerusalem.
Opening Day Rain Delay Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s favorite pastime.
Easterly Eggs Just like Christ, these past pieces arise from the dead.
A Half Decade of Pot Roast (Pt. V) ... Aaand some more vintage Y.P.R.
A Half Decade of Pot Roast (Pt. IV) Still more classic Y.P.R. ha-has ...
A Half Decade of Pot Roast (Pt. III) Yet more Y.P.R. classics.
A Half Decade of Pot Roast (Pt. II) Presenting more gems unearthed from Y.P.R.'s five-year-deep archives.
A Half Decade of Pot Roast That's right, this week marks five (5) long years that this humble journal has been publishing a daily(-ish) dose of the finest literary satire money can buy. To celebrate, we're republishing some of our favorite past pieces ...
Material to be Adapted Best Last night the Coen boys won three Academy Awards for their adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's gloomy neo-Western, No Country for Old Men (Ningún país para los viejos hombres). Mr. McCarthy previously dissected his process for producing bleak, dreary masterpieces.
We're Rooting for There Will Be No Country for Junold Men. Presenting some of Y.P.R.'s Academy Award coverage from years past.
Notorious Be Mines Valentine Affairs of the Famous, as Revealed by Their Love Sonnets
The Grammys' 72nd Anniversary Highlights from the 2030 Grammy Awards
Super Bowl Stupor Collecting Y.P.R.'s coverage of Super Bowls past.
Defame This. Y.P.R. extends a great big bucket of mazel tov to Mr. Mark Grahahm (the once-and-always Uncle Grambo), now defaming Hollywood alongside Mr. Mark Lisanti (the erstwhile Bunsen).
Mailer Meets Maker Mr. Norman Kingsley Mailer, the legendary writer and pugilist, now punching God in the face.
Rocking the WGA Strike, Pt. II Presenting some of Y.P.R.'s archive of screenplays, treatments, pitches, and script coverage.
Rove Over Mr. Karl Rove, the Bush Administration's top scandal architect, is stepping down from his post to "spend time with his family."

Cassius KarlKarl Rove's Ringside Boasts by Michael Rottman
It ain't braggin' if you're a Republican.
Die Hard with a Typewriter ykymfa.jpgDie Hard Police Officer John McClane Prepares His Cover Letter for Admission to an M.F.A. in Creative Writing by John Harnetiaux

Look, I'll level with ya: I'm not writing this goddamned essay for any reason other than my wife Holly, so let's get that fuckin' straight right now. Holly said something like, "John, you gotta get in touch with your imagination, John, you gotta express yourself more," and I was like, "What the shit you think I've been doing my last 20 years as a cop?!" ... [ ... More!]
Icky Thumping The White Stripes at the Hotel Yorba by Mr Steve Finbow, part of his excellent but occasional series,Pop Stars in Hotel Rooms.
R.I.P., K.V. Jr. Yankee Pot Roast rewinds to the fall of 2005, when the Y.P.R. Book Club skimmed and parodied the complete works of everybody's favorite crotchety old curmudgeon, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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