Yankee Pot Roast


The Choire Sicha Roast

Choire Destroyed My Art Career

Joy Garnett

I have to break my silence: Choire Sicha is an art career buster. Like a cheap extra in a vampire flick, he chewed up my paintings willy-nilly and spat them out like so much stale Bubble Yum—I mean, literally. That man (if you can call such a monster a man!) gnawed his way through all my best work like a red-hot knife through butter, like termites boring through wood—yes, like white on rice! And you thought he was “part owner of a Chelsea art gallery”? Hah!!! Call it an abattoir! I stand ruined, my paintings cocked-up with chaw marks and saliva, my inventory, once shiny as a new penny, a gastrointestinal debacle, my spirit broken...

The Choire Sicha Roast