Yankee Pot Roast?



Last night's become a blur it seems
Riddled with odd and crazy dreams
Singing songs with Shirley Jones
Tom Hanks and I ate ice cream cones
Fat guy dancing with Chris Farley
Smoking ganja with Bob Marley
Johnny Carson's house is burning
Belly dancing with Charles Durning
Falling into open space
That man there he has no face
Now he has one. Carrot Top!
I'd prefer a dirty mop
Why'd I drink that jug of wine?
It tasted much like turpentine
A good idea it seemed like then
Drink away those stupid men
I fell asleep with little worry
This morning now I'm in a hurry
Slept right through that damn alarm
Slept like I had bought the farm
Now I'm thirty minutes late
Roommate's in the shower, wait
Forget the shower, go to work
Hope the boss won't be a jerk.
Coffee, you're my saving grace
Allow me to save a little face
In the office, hour past
Sit down at the desk real fast
No one noticed I was gone
I pulled off a real good con
Tonight there will be no more drinking
I don't know what I was thinking.
Happy hour starts at five?
There will be some music live?
I'll come if you buy my first beer
Then I'll be there, thank you dear.