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Recipe for Yankee Pot Roast
Suggestions for Reading and Enjoying Y.P.R.
A Blank Piece of Paper, Zenlike in Its Infinite Possibility

Election Aftermath: Suggested Reading for Psycopaths, 11/3/04

Donkephant. Y.PRedictions for Election Day, 11/2/04

Wrocktober Wrapup, 10/29/04

The Family: You don't even have to read it.O.K., O.K., Hang On, ~10/10/04

The Y.P.R. Book Club:
Kitty Kelley's The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty

Watch where you point that!
The Y.P.aRt Gallery: A Traveling Exhibit
, 9/28/04

Mmmm, mmm -- cheese!Why Cheese?: Reasons Why People Like to Eat It, 9/27/04

Pre-Yom Kippur Feeding Frenzy, 9/20/04

Checkpoint: You don't even have to read it. Rosh Hashanah Head Rush, 9/15/04

The Y.P.R. Book-of-the-Month Club:
Nicholson Baker's Checkpoint
, 9/10/04

Y.P.R.'s R.N.C. N.Y.C. 2004Y.P.R.’s “R.N.C. in N.Y.C. ’04”:
Exclusive Gear for Faraway Republicans Visiting Our Liberal Blue City!
, 8/16/04

Oh, What a Fortnight!, 6/25/04

Summertime, and the Living Is Easy, 6/15/04

Hey!, 4/14/04

Y.P.R. Endorses: William Hung's Inspiration, 4/1/04

Fact-Checking The Village Voice, 3/26/04

In Like a Lion, 3/1/04

One Year., 2/26/04

Whew!, 2/2/04

R.I.P. Y.P.R., 1/21/04

Graphology, Ready for Preörder, 1/19/04

MMIII: The Whole Kit & Caboodle, 12/25/03

Tidings of Joy, 12/23/03

Requiem for "Snark", 11/07/03

Announcing "Graphology", 10/16/03

Y.P.R.'s Cheap & Stupid Stunt for Shameless Self-Promotion that Nonetheless Guarantees a Good Time for One and All, 9/23/03

Una Lettera Aperta Alla Gente Che Cerca "Piedi di Monica Bellucci", 9/4/03

Six Months Old, 8/26/03

Contest Contest, 8/3/03
C.C. Results: Column Contest, 8/20/03

What's New, Pussycat?, 5/27/03

Gone Fishin', 5/12/03