Yankee Pot Roast


Y.P.R.'s R.N.C. N.Y.C. 2004Y.P.R.'s R.N.C. N.Y.C. 2004

Y.P.R.’s “R.N.C. in N.Y.C. ’04”:
Exclusive Gear for Faraway Republicans
Visiting Our Liberal Blue City

With much exhilaration, Yankee Pot Roast is preparing for the swarms of rightwing conservatives from America’s heartland who will descend upon our liberal, heathen Jew city in just a fortnight. Welcome, O Christian overlords! Enjoy our delicious sidewalk knishes, served fresh to you by exotic Third-World immigrants! While you’re zipping around in Pakistani-driven taxicabs, noshing at Korean delicatessens, and enjoying the company of Asian trannie hookers, you can proudly identify yourself by wearing one of Y.P.R.’s “R.N.C. in N.Y.C. ’04” T-shirts that express your perverse worldviews.

Please check out the Y.P.R. store.

Y.P.R.'s R.N.C. N.Y.C. 2004
Y.P.R.’s “R.N.C. in N.Y.C. ’04” Store

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