Yankee Pot Roast


I Love 'I Love the...'

The Gradual Decline of the
“I Love the...” Sidebars

Claire Zulkey

“I Love the 80s”:

Babes of the 80s

Hunks of the 80s

Born in the 80s

Stars Then and Now


“I Love the 70s”:

Macho Men of the 70s

Foxy Ladies of the 70s

Things You Could Get Away with in the 70s That Would Get You Arrested Today

Look at This Thing I Purchased in the 70s


“I Love the 80s Strikes Back”:

Nerds of the 80s

Donal Logue’s Extra Thoughts on Whatever

Gilbert Godfrey Yells

Things of the 80s That Were Popular For, Like, a Day, But We Will Still Talk About Anyway


“I Love the 90s”:

Dirty Rocker Boys of the 90s

Extra Footage of People Talking Loosely about the 90s

Extra Commercials (in the ‘Spirit’ of the 90s)

The ‘I’d Better Say Something Outrageous Because I’m on TV and I Might Otherwise Be Forgotten’ Moment of the 90s


“I Love the 00s” and the future:

Dead Air of the 00s

Clips of Previous Shows, Not Necessarily on VH1, of the 00s

The ‘Look I Can Form Words with My Mouth’ Person of the 00s

Uh… Michael Ian Black, Say Something! Moment of the 00s.

'Weird Al'