Yankee Pot Roast


One-Question Interview:
Hal Sparks

Matt Tobey

1. Who do you encounter more often, fans who think you're really queer as folk or fans who think you really love the 80s?

Hal Sparks
I encounter more 80s fans than "Q.A.F." but I think that's because VH1 is in 80 million homes and Showtime is in 25 million. It's a numbers game. The real question is which fans are more... fanatical! I would say the 80s group wins again. But maybe that's cause most of them are younger... again it seems to be a numbers game.
[Editor's note: Notice how the subtleties of the interviewer's question (i.e., "Do people think you're gay or nostalgic?") totally flew by Mr. Sparks's nuance detector. Love ya, Hal.]