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We collided!

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Date: 2003-03-26, 7:30AM

Okay, Union Square, Today:
Me: a tall, slender white male. I wore a suit.
You: a short white brunette, curly hair, olive skin. Short black skirt, pointy heels.
I was leaping over some dog poop and you were flagging down a cab and we collided, like star-crossed lovers. I hit the pavement hard and you fell too. I was bleeding from my shins, your purse spilled all over the curb. The cab sped away. You cursed at me; you kicked me while my kneecaps bled; you called me a “dumb fat a-hole,” even though I’m not fat (or a dumb a-hole either…). You got me good with a kick to the gut. Your heel tore open my shirt, and also my small intestine. You spit on me and stormed away. But still, I think there was something there. I sensed a sexual tension masked by passionate, irrational rage. Kind of like David and Maggie on “Moonlighting.”

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this is in or around union sq
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