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One-Question Interviews

September 13, 2004 |

Marc Maron, funny person

August 20, 2004 |

Danny Gregory, watercolor journalist

August 19, 2004 |

Dan Kennedy, small-talking memoirist

August 13, 2004 |

Tom Perrotta, novelist

One-Question Interviews

Marc Maron, funny person
Dear Mr. Moron, 1. What was your immediate emotional response when you noticed that we accidentally misspelled your name: Did you instantly forgive an apparently honest typo, as you’ve surely encountered dozens of times before, or did your blood boil with repressed rage from years of schoolyard taunts?

Marc Maron

I always assume when someone writes Moron instead of Maron that it’s intentional. I immediately go into attack mode. Before I even read what the letter said some part of my mind was preparing to feed you your ass with words. Then I go to the typo scenario, which is different only in the tone. I point out the typo, address the points in the letter, but ultimately your ass gets fed to you with words for such a stupid oversight. That all said, good luck with your pamphlet or online ’zine. I’m sure it will have a tremendous impact on the people you choose to annoy with it. Remember, always B.C.C., so no one needs to know just how sad and desperate the situation really is.

Mr. Maron is a standup comic, actor, and writer who has appeared in countless clubs, in film, and Off Broadway and is the author of The Jerusalem Syndrome (based on his one-man show). He is currently co-host of “Morning Sedition” on new radio network Air America. His Web site is

One-Question Interviews

Danny Gregory, watercolor journalist
1. Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Danny Gregory

I guess it depends on who you are and where you are.
'Abu Ghraib' by Danny Gregory
If you’re Army Corporal Charles Graner of Abu Ghraib fame, this picture is worth eight words from your boss: “You are sentenced to 24 years in prison”.

If you’re Donald Rumsfeld, the same picture is worth a whopping twenty-two words from your boss: “You are doing a superb job. You are a strong Secretary of Defense. And our nation owes you a debt of gratitude.”

This indicates that Spc. Graner is an E-4 and earns $1991.50 per month while Sec. Rumsfeld has a much higher pay grade.

On the other hand, if you write a thousand words for the average online satirical magazine, figure on not getting paid anything. Do a watercolor for an online satirical mag and figure, again, on not getting paid anything. So, online, a picture is worth pretty much the same as a thousand words.

In short, I’d much rather have a picture in Yankee Pot Roast than a long sentence in the stockade.

Your pal,

Mr. Gregory is the author and artist of Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio and Everyday Matters, and the forthcoming Change Your Underwear Twice a Week. His weblog is Everyday Matters.