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For over 150 years, Speaker's Corner has been one of London's unique attractions. On any given Sunday morning, anyone who has an opinion to air—or who simply wants to listen—will gather at the point where Oxford Street and Hyde Park meet, in the shadows of Marble Arch, and carry on an oral tradition that is becoming somewhat lost to a modern culture of electronic mail and chat rooms. Y.P.R. recognizes the need for commentary regarding society, life in the new global economy, chicken wings, ball bearings, or anything else that may strike one's fancy. So put on your Sunday best, clear your throat, step up onto the soapbox and speak up!

11/30/04   |   

Five Disquieting Modern Trends by Will Layman & Chris Osmond

11/05/04   |   

Thank-You Notes to America by Y.P.R. & Matthew Tobey

11/03/04   |   

Election Aftermath: Suggested Reading for Psycopaths by Y.P.R.

11/01/04   |   

Why Dogs Don't Conduct Polls by Y.P.R.

10/18/04   |   

Things You Can Accomplish before Conan Takes Over “The Tonight Show” in 2009 by Will Layman & Chris Osmond

10/06/04   |   

At Last, Respect: Rodney Dangerfield, 1921-2004 by Y.P.R.

9/29/04   |   

UPN or Made Up? by Geoff Wolinetz

9/02/04   |   

R.N.C. 2004: Three Big Boobs by Rob Theakston

8/23/04   |   

C.S. Roast: Choire Sicha, Literary Critic by Y.P.R.

8/23/04   |   

C.S. Roast: Data Dump on Choire by Andrew Krucoff

8/23/04   |   

C.S. Roast: A Very Short Roast by Jessica Coen

8/23/04   |   

C.S. Roast: Choire Sicha Is Not Who You Think He Is by Claire Zulkey

8/23/04   |   

C.S. Roast: My Site Meter's Best Friend by Brian Sack

7/30/04   |   

I ♥ “I Love the [x]0s”: Random Thoughts while Watching the “I Love the ...” Series on VH1 by Geoff Wolinetz

7/29/04   |   

I ♥ “I Love the [x]0s”: I Hate “I Love the 90s” by Amy Stender

7/26/04 - |   

I Love “I Love the 70s,” “I Love the 80s,” “I Love the 90s,” and “I Love the 80s Strikes Back” Parts I, II, III, & IV by Josh Abraham, Donnie Boman, Bunsen, Dennis DiClaudio, Nick Jezarian, Christopher Monks, Mick Stingley, Matthew Tobey, & Geoff Wolinetz

7/23/04   |   

Hawaii Diarii: Kauai by Nick Jezariian

7/14/04   |   

The Shard Phenomenon and Its Potential Application as a Come-on
by Heather Van Doren

5/19/04   |   

Requiem for the Gay Divorcé: Tony Randall, 1920-2004 by Y.P.R.

4/16/04   |   

Edible Television: One Viewer Takes a Bite out of the Food Network
by Amy Stender

4/15/04   |   

Great Moments in Pantyhose Jurisprudence by Richard Grayson

4/14/04   |   

Some Things You Ought to Have Mentioned Before You Brought Me, Your Irish-Catholic Boyfriend, to Meet Your Parents at My First Seder Ever with Your Orthodox Family by Mick Stingley

4/02/04   |   

Time Is on My Side; No, It's on My Side: The Intricacies of Daylight Saving Time by Alan C. Baird

3/29/04   |   

If I Had a Million Dollars by Will Leitch

3/17/04   |   

St. Pat's Facts by Y.P.R.

3/01/04   |   

Some Replies to "Where'd You Get That Shiner?" by Kim Bosch

2/03/04   |   

Yeah, Right, "Wardrobe Failure." I'm Sure. by Janet Jackson's Jealous Left Nipple

2/01/04   |   

Super Bowl XXXVIII Diary by Geoff Wolinetz

1/22/04   |   

Pop Quiz & Why You Should Be Friends with Me by Amy Shearn

1/20/04   |   

Gimme a Half-Caff Soy Triple Latte (No Foam) and the Unagi/Torigai Special: In Defense of the Green Mountain State by Amy Stender

1/07/04   |   

Re: Spicy Latinas Wanna Taste Your Big Burrito by Brian Hughes

1/06/04   |   

Things I Say to Various Loved Ones, Coworkers, and Strangers When My Aunt Flo Visits by Amy Stender

12/19/03   |   

The Roastee Responds by Neal Pollack

11/24/03   |   

Things I've Learned from the Internet by Tony DiGerolamo

11/19/03   |   

Commands My Dog Hasn't Yet Learned by Amy Shearn

11/11/03   |   

What I Hope to Find in Hell by Darby Larson

10/30/03   |   

Lessons Learned from HBO by Ray Stillman

10/29/03   |   

What I Hope to Find in Heaven by Heather Kelley

10/28/03   |   

Cautionary Tales for Teens by Jennifer Amey & Andrew Beer

9/25/03   |   

Hollywood Interruption by Josh Abraham...

9/26/03   |   

& Y.P.R.'s Apology

8/21/03   |   

A Reason to Party by Evite.com

8/18/03   |   

.edu: An Exchange with My Alma Mater by Nick Jezarian

8/18/03   |   

Obituaries by Ray Stillman

6/25/03   |   

[Nick Owes Geoff $5] by Nick Jezarian

6/24/03   |   

Spike by Nick Jezarian

6/18/03   |   

Inner Monologue from This Morning's Subway Commute by Lisa Grover

6/13/03   |   

Re: My Afternoon by J.D. McGregor

6/12/03   |   

Hold On to the Nights by Richard Marx

6/09/03   |   

"Rectum? I Damn Near Killed 'Em!" by David Abraham

5/02/03   |   

Geoff Wolinetz, Guest Bartneder: A Review by Nick Jezarian

4/24/03   |   

I Could Simonize My Car by Jack McDermott

4/14/03   |   

Top 10 Things That Sucked About My Day (in No Particular Order)
by Jason Kucharsky

3/27/03   |   

Things I Can't Believe Happened (March, 2003) by Harold Middleman