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Teenage Jesus

by Josh Abraham

Yes! Look at me, everybody, I did it again! Here, give me another glass of water. Ka-pow! Presto! Behold: one glass of Fresca. I’m awesome!…

Dear Hormel

Dear Nesquik

Nestlé USA, Inc. Glendale, California 91203 Dear Nesquik (née Nestlé Quik), I’ve been drinking your chocolatey-flavored milk since before I was even born. Of all liquids on the planet, your chocolatey-flavored milk is my favorite, surpassing even soapy water, turpentine,…

St. Pat’s Facts

Hexadecimal Shades of Green #009900 Hunter #339900 Jade #33cc00 Kelly #339933 Emerald #66ff33 Lime #99ff99 Sea #99cc00 Pea #99ff00 Chartreuse #663300 Mean Joe Vital Stats for Kathy Ireland Height: 5’ 11” (1.80 m) Measurements: 34B-24-34 Shoe size: 8 Role in…

Polish Fact

Polish Language
Total speakers: 50 million
Genetic classification: Indo-European -> Balto-Slavic -> Slavic -> West Slavic -> Lechitic -> Polish
Regulated by: The Polish Language Council

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Holen Sie mir Ihr feinstes Fleisch und Käse.
Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

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Monday, March 22, 2004   |    Fiction

Slippery Pete’s Port o’ Call

Slippery Pete’s Port o’ Call
The Leader in DOCKYARD & PORTAGE entertainment since 1974!

We’ve got over 500 piping-hot videos of DOCKERS, DOCKSMEN, DOCKHANDS, DOCK-WALLOPERS, and DOCKMASTERS! We’ve got big, burly JACKS loading and unloading WET VESSELS in coastal PORTS OF ENTRY up and down the shoreline!

See husky, hefty LONGSHOREMEN and STEVEDORES lugging cargo onto dry land! See beefy, brawny LOADERS and LUMPERS hoisting freight ashore and aground! Watch hale and hearty ROUSTABOUTS giving the ol’ HEAVE-HO!

Port o’ Call Home Video has hundreds of hours of BITTS and BOLLARDS! Watch waterlogged SEA DOGS and washed-up LANDLUBBERS exchange merchandise on WHARVES, PIERS, and QUAYS of all kinds!

PAYLOAD? We got your PAYLOAD right here! We’ve got BEACONS and BULWARKS, and miles and miles of hot PONTOONS! There’s more MOORING action here than any other manual-labor entertainment operation in the world! We’ve got WHARFAGE and WHARFINGERS aplenty!

Port o’ Call: the most Dockyard-Cargo Loading & Unloading bang for your buck!

But that’s not all! Order any Dockyard video now and you’ll get ABLE-BODIED SEAMEN for free! Featuring the greatest SEAFARING JACK-TARS on solid ground! Sweaty OLD SALTS spewing MOUTHFULS of naughty NAUTICAL JARGON!

That’s right, over 3 hours of the best HELMSMEN, BARGEMEN, LIGHTERMEN, & STEERMEN this side of Davy Jones’s locker! See STEERERS and BARGEES working mano-a-mano with BOATSWAINS and GOBS! It’s all hands on deck with seafaring SWABBIES swapping whale’s tales and singing sea chanteys! Plus, rare footage of DECKHANDS pumping bilgewater! Boats PITCHING and TOSSING at bay!

Act now or you’ll miss this exciting maritime offer of SEAFARING CREWMEN along with any Docking or Cargo video!

Slippery Pete’s Port o’ Call: The best Dockyard & Portage home entertainment money can buy!