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Cha Cha Cha

by Nick Jezarian

Grandfather I think about you when Autumn blesses us with the scent of freshly picked apples, As it wafts through the crisp fall air.      I sense your spirit looking down upon me. I can see your strong hands—     Well…

Polish Fact

Poor Poles
Population living below the poverty line
18.4% (2000 est.)
(U.S.A: 12.7 [2001 est.])

Learn a Foreign Tongue!

Learn Français!:
Quoi-ques; évidemms; ainsi bourdonnz.
Whatevs; obvs; so buzz.

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Meister, Ellen

Like Yankee Pot Roast, Ellen Meister endorses the value of a S.U.N.Y. education, and thinks she may have sat next to Y.P.R. in an American Lit class, though it could have been some other cooked meat. Her work has appeared in Pindeldyboz, Amarillo Bay and Haypenny, and will soon appear in SmokeLong Quarterly, Word Riot and Light. Ellen Meister believes in love and does not take kindly to being ignored.

Tighter Abs in Six Weeks

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