Tuesday, June 9, 2009

  1. DRAMA: A college student with an insatiable lust for murder sublimates his sociopath side by becoming an exterminator. (Potential Title:The Exterminator”)

  2. ACTION/ADVENTURE: A boxer with an insatiable lust for victory doesn’t seem to have a chance, but she trains harder than the competition because she wants it more, and against all odds, becomes an American Champion. (Potential Title:The American Champion”)

  3. COMEDY: A grocery-store clerk with an insatiable lust for pain marries an American Champion boxer at the height of her game, banking on the hope that she will want to knock him around a little. But he soon finds out his gal packs a little more punch than he bargained for. (Potential Title:Baby, One More Time”)

  4. ACTION/ADVENTURE: An exterminator with an insatiable lust for murder meets an American Champion boxer who is realizing that she has lost the edge that made her an American Champion. He sublimates his sociopath side by channeling his “killer instinct” into training the boxer. After a series of struggle montages, she regains her edge. (Potential Title:The American Champion II: Killer Instinct”)

  5. DRAMA: A boxing trainer with an insatiable lust for murder gets drunk one night and stabs to death the 16 members of the Society for Men and Women With an Insatiable Lust For Pain (S.F.M.A.W.W.A.I.L.F.P.) while they meet to decide whether or not to drop their name in favor of Masochists Anonymous. The S.F.M.A.W.W.A.I.L.F.P. members enjoy the stabbing but not the dying. Only one society member survives, the husband of an American Champion boxer. The Survivor begins to visit the Murderer in prison and they strike up a touching friendship. (Potential Title:Tuesdays with Morir”)

  6. DRAMA or COMEDY: A death row inmate with an insatiable lust for murder rediscovers his lost love of bug extermination when a cockroach infestation breaks out in the prison. (The infestation is itself a deep symbol for the way the legal system treats its inmates.) The warden is so impressed with the inmate’s finesse that he releases the inmate on good behavior. (Potential Serious Title:A Place to Die,” Potential Lighthearted Title:What Bugs Me About Prison”)

  7. EROTIC DRAMA: A hard-hearted warden with an insatiable lust for order rediscovers love when he clashes with a fiery, free-spirited young attorney who disagrees with his arbitrary and illegal decision to release a convicted killer. The warden and the attorney soon realize that far more dangerous than the killer’s release is the danger of a heart unused. (Potential Title:A Heart Unused”)

  8. SCI-FI DRAMA: A fiery, free-spirited young attorney with an insatiable lust for justice and her sex-crazed warden boyfriend must choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy when a doctor’s new genome technology informs them that a their unborn child has a 70% chance of growing up with an insatiable lust for murder. After some agonized soul-searching, they decide to have the baby, technology be damned. (Potential Title:Technology Be Damned”)

  9. ACTION/ADVENTURE: An ex-con with an insatiable lust for murder, trying to make an honest living as an exterminator, is approached by an ex-American Champion boxer who has, for a second time, lost her “killer instinct.” He agrees to train her and she regains her title as American Champion. (Potential Title:The American Champion III: Brand New Bag”)

  10. DARK COMEDY: A boxing trainer with an insatiable lust for murder has just had his insatiable lust for murder reawakened by helping a boxer regain her “killer instinct.” He gets drunk one night with the boxer and her masochistic husband and intentionally mows down a young boy with his car, killing the boy instantly. The boxing trainer and the boxer are overcome with grief until the police search the dead boy’s backpack. They find weapons and a diary in which the boy states his plans for murdering his own parents. When the parents arrive on the scene (the mother a free-spirited attorney, the father a sex-crazed warden), they are told about their dead son’s evil plans. The mother remarks, “The doctor’s wacky machine was right! Guess we should have had that abortion after all.” End in tableau just as the attorney, the warden, the murderer, the American Champion, the masochist and the surrounding police begin a long, hardy laugh. (Potential Title:Right Place for the Right Crime”)

Gabe Durham lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. His fiction and essays have appeared in Fourteen Hills, Hobart, Mid-American Review, Daytrotter.com, and elsewhere. He’s getting an M.F.A. at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He gives away free words and music at gatherroundchildren.com.

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