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Happy Bastille Day! Reprinting some of Y.P.R.'s Francophilia.
Happy Festival of Lights! Some Thoughts on Improving Hannukkah! (Let's settle on the spelling. No more of that "ch" crap.)
Black Friday Doorbuster Specials at the Dollar Store! Knockoff brand names at F.D.A.-rejected Chinese brand prices! Yup. We're gonna run this one every year.
Mother's Day Mayhem This year, Mother's Day is gonna be OFF THA HOOK!
Earth Day Some Nature Haiku / Grand Theft Auto IV Tips for the Environmentally Conscious Father / The Effects of Global Warning / Ways in Which Sarah Palin Will Spin Massive Amounts of Snow to Mock Global Warming
Four and Twenty Excerpts from Marijuana Magazine's Special Issues / Big Deal! I Sold a Little Weed to Give My Kids a Better Future ... / Billy Mays Tries to Sell You Some Weed
Passover Rehash Why should this night be different from all other nights?
March Madness 2010 Reprinting some of our leftover basketball stuff.
Black Friday Doorbuster Specials at the Dollar Store! Knockoff brand names at F.D.A.-rejected Chinese brand prices!
Hallowe'en Rehash My Rejected Submission to Cosmo's Halloween Issue, Entitled "How to Lose a Guy in One Spooky, Scary Night: Halloween Costumes for Those Wanting Out" and What Not to Give Trick-or-Treaters on Hallowe'en Night
Recession Special! The Economy Issue
Happy Birthday, America! Republishing some of our Founding Fathers' favorites.
Smothers Day Republishing Some Mother's Day Material for Dear Old Mom
IV/XX "Excerpts from Marijuana Magazine's Special Issues" & "Big Deal! I Sold a Little Weed to Give My Kids a Better Future ..."
Passover/under What you can buy for two zuzzim.
Opening Day 2009 Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s favorite pastime.
Lá Fhéile Pádraig (St. Paddy's Day) St. Pat's Facts and a Salute to Things Irish
Y.P.R.'s 2009 Academy Awards Thing A Look Back at the Year in Film
Scorching V.D. Hot stuff, comin' through.
2008: The Year in Pot Roast Our annual round-up of the past loop around the sun.
Rum Pum Pum Pum Christmas tales by Dickens, Ellis, & Lenin!
Happy Xmas (War Is Over Ongoing) The ghosts of Y.P.R. Christmases past.
Passovers Past Last year in Jerusalem.
Opening Day Rain Delay Republishing some of Y.P.R.'s favorite pastime.
Easterly Eggs Just like Christ, these past pieces arise from the dead.
Some Thoughts on Improving Hannukkah! Settle on the spelling. Market the latkes. More songs! Gina Gershon & other hot Jewesses.
Valentine's Day Massacre Unrequited Love from Y.P.R.'s Past
The Ghosts of Christmas Past Some Christmas features from the Y.P.aRchives.
Timeless Stories of Love for Valentine's Day "Buy her some snazzy jewelry," a friend recommended. "Tattoo her name on your arm." But after fourteen cans of beer at the local tavern, Jack had a much better idea: He would have an image of his wife's beautiful face scrimshawed on his leg bone ...
Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart (But the very next day, you gave it away.)
Cold Turkey Happy Thanksgiving, folks.
Christmastime Is Here In which Y.P.R. posts some holiday cards it's received from extended family.
The Y.P.OscaRs In which Y.P.R. presents some overlooked awards.
Writers-on-Writing Month In which Y.P.R. presents material regarding inspiration, revision, rejection, writer's block, book reports, language, style, poetry, prose, plays, ink, typewriters, quills, sharpies, and Wite-out.
Fall Première Week In which Y.P.R. gives the Nielsen-ratings people something to freak out about.
Sentiments Anti-Français Not French!In which Y.P.R. resorts to the milking of outdated, hackneyed stereotypes to exploit America's love/hate relationship with France.
Californication In which Y.P.R. presents public addresses from some of the candidates of the 2003 California Recall Election Free-for-All.
Fourth of July Fourthiness In which Y.P.R. proudly presents some barbecued hot dogs and fireworks that declare our independence from those dirty Brits.
Puck Everlasting: Stanley Cup 2003 In which Y.P.R. proudly presents some incongruous drivel vaguely surrounding America's fifth-favorite pastime.
Memorial Day Mania! In which we offer some mischief and mayhem tangentially related to Memorial Day. Think Toyatathon.
¡Cinco de Mayo! In which one can enjoy a fifth of May, con queso. ¡Caliente!
Oscar Coverage 2003 In which cheap, tired jokes are made at the expense of famous people.
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