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Helmets with Horns Are the Best Kind of Helmet

by Bobby Rufferto

“Arg.” “Arg.” “Arg.” “Arg, arg. I hereby call to order the 508th meeting of Viking Local 242. Scribe, if you would please read the minutes of meeting 507?” “Arg. All present; looting up 12%, plundering even, pillaging down 46%—” “Let’s…

I Was a Teenage Snarkist

by Ken Krimstein

It all started in eighth grade when Billy Noodleman wore those paisley bellbottoms. I mean, come on, what was this, “The Brady Bunch,” for God’s sakes? This was the Midwest, land of farmers and hog butchers. I couldn’t help myself….

Gotham: Four Very Short, Spooky Plays about Monsters at Large in the City

The Vampire Goes to the Delicatessan VAMPIRE: Greetings. I vould like a quart of cow’s blood. No, vait. Better make it a gallon. CLERK: You want Guernsey or Angus? VAMPIRE: Hmm … is the Angus fresh? CLERK: Came…

Hallmark Holiday

Transcript from the August, 1951, Meeting in Which Hallmark Marketing Executives Invented Hallowee’en “Fellas, we need a new “event” holiday. We need something to ignite sales during that unfestive lull between the Jewlidays1 and the Big Turkey2. I’m looking at…

Polish Fact

Zloty Exchange Rate:

1 USD = 3.95 PLN
1 Euro = 4.67 PLN

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Los talentos de Andy Richter se pierden totalmente en "Quintuplets."
Andy Richter's talents are completely wasted on "Quintuplets."

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Wednesday, November 5, 2003   |    Birthday Cards to Celebrities

Happy Birthday, Art Garfunkel!

November 5, 1941 | Art Garfunkel | singer

Dear Art,

Happy 62nd Birthday!

Three words for you Art: “Siegfried & Garfunkel.”

All the best,
Josh Abraham